Tablets and Diapers?

That’s me!!! Doing the happy dance and it is all because of YOU!  I will say it every month until I am blue in the face–I have the best followers!!!  This month I chose as my Comments for a Cause recipient mainly because I found a wonderful local teacher who wanted a simple tablet to use in her classroom with her special education students.  Mrs. Amanda Hill had written up a great request and once I found her and had exchanged a few emails I knew that this was the perfect thing for August.  Earlier this week I checked to see her progress and lo and behold she was already over halfway funded so I finished out the donation so I would not lose the chance to help her out.

This month I got a whopping 484 comments here on the blog (thanks a lot to being featured August 2nd on SITS Girls) and also netted another 43 on Facebook to bring the whopping total to 517.  That means that Amanda gets $263.50 towards her project!!!  I already donated $186.34 to finish out her request through so that leaves  another $77.16 to give to her to use for accessories and apps!!!  Way to go!!!  And good luck. Amanda, on a fabulous year with your students!!

A couple of weeks ago I found my next Comments for a Cause when a church member at my sister’s United Methodist Church in Columbiana, Ohio, organized a hugely successful Diaper Drive.  I got in contact with Jen Beach who spearheaded it and got some info from her about who she was working with.  Come to find out there is this wonderful organization called the National Diaper Bank Network.  These folks are amazing!!!  They are a huge resource for moms and dads who do not have adequate diapers for their babies and toddlers.   Did you know that some moms limit the intake of what they feed their babies so that the number of diapers needed is reduced?  That made me so sad to read that fact and it also made me think about how many cute little baby butts are having to sit in soggy or dirty diapers just because there is not enough money to go around for the necessities.  The week of September 10-17 is Diaper Need Awareness Week and it seems fitting to highlight the National Diaper Bank Network this month !   There is not a diaper bank close by so I will be making a monetary donation at the close of September instead of doing an actual diaper drive.  I would encourage all of you to go check out their website here and see if there is a local diaper bank close to you that you can donate to.  And if you NEED diapers they can help direct you to a diaper bank close to you!!!  As always I will donate 50 cents per legitimate comment this month to the NDBN !  Let’s rock this !! (Take time to read the comment below from Jen—what a story and what a witness as to what a great ministry this is!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Jen!!!  )

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A little bit more about this great organization taken from their website follows below:

Diaper banks collect, store and help distribute free diapers to families suffering from financial difficulty. They obtain diapers through local diaper drives, from in-kind donations by manufacturers and retailers, and by purchasing diapers directly with donated funds.

Diaper banks come in many forms and sizes. Some serve a single neighborhood, others an entire region. Some are based out of churches and run by volunteers; others are independent organizations with warehouses operated by professional staff. What they all share in common is a dedication to combating diaper need.

Diaper banks rely on the generosity of volunteers and individual and corporate donors to accomplish their critical mission. Volunteers throughout the country organize diaper drives in their communities to collect diapers for distribution through their local diaper bank to families in need. Volunteers also staff many diaper bank operations, fundraise on their behalf, and raise awareness of diaper need in their communities.

Diaper banks also work with local and regional corporate partners to secure donations of diapers and fundingto support their work. Many regional retailers and distributors generously donate excess or mispackaged diapers that cannot be sold, but that can help families struggling to diaper their children.

Diaper banks are making a difference. Through their work and advocacy, diaper bank leaders have put diaper need on the agenda of philanthropic, political and religious leaders, winning crucial support to fight diaper need in their communities. Diaper bank leaders have also brought diaper need to national attention through coverage in major media outlets, such as TIMEPeople, and ABC World News Tonight. Together, they are creating a national diaper bank movement that will ensure that every child in America remains clean, dry and healthy.


  1. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for helping to get the word out! I have an additional little story for you.

    My director with Mary Kay was given a monetary donation over the weekend for the drive. She had called me and asked if I wanted her to buy diapers, or just give the money. I said either was up to her, so she said giving the money would be best. She stopped at Dollar General in the middle of her daily activities to get some soap and deodorant for the house. As she was approaching the checkout, she thought to herself she should look around the store in case she missed anything. When she saw the baby section, she had just decided to go ahead and get some diapers while she was there. She turned in to the isle, and a woman was sitting on the floor crying. She asked what was wrong. “Diapers are just too expensive for me.” My director Kathy replied “I know, I can’t believe how much they cost anymore.” The woman continued to cry, and Kathy told her about the local organization starting up called Making Kids Count. (It’s one of the places I donated the diapers to from the drive). She was thrilled that there was local help. Kathy then proceeded to tell her about the drive last weekend, and how she was here to buy $25 in diapers to donate, but instead, this woman could get $25 in diapers for herself and her little boy. The woman fell into her arms weeping. She said she had been trying to potty train the little boy, but it wasn’t going well. As she was picking out diapers, she asked if some of the money could be used to purchase wipes, and the answer was of course, “Yes.” As Kathy helped the woman out to the car with the diapers, the little boy was sitting in the back seat with his grandmother. The little boy was too young to be potty trained, it was obvious. The mother didn’t have a choice though, she couldn’t afford the diapers. God works in mysterious ways, and yesterday, Kathy was meant to be at Dollar General, and that woman was too. She had stated that when she walked in, she was praying that diapers were on sale. I’d say she walked in at the right time.

    I seriously can’t thank you enough for being interested in this and helping out all those mothers.

    • Oh Jen—what a wonderful story and I hope that everyone that reads this post takes the time to read your comment! I am so blessed to be able to do this and I am so glad that we met in person! You are an amazing young woman and I am so excited about what God is doing in your life!!! I will say it again—YOU ROCK!

  2. I “shared” this on my timeline, and in the CFUMC group! Thanks!! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on another successful fundraising campaign. And thank you for your generosity. You’re an inspiration.

  4. I can’t find the words to say just how proud I am of Jen… She is my daughter, and never ceases to amaze me. Lol
    Love you honey.. so very proud of you and I’m so excited to see what the next year will bring to your life!!!!!!!
    I Love you!!!! <3<3<3<3

    • I had the pleasure of meeting Jen, Lori, and she is amazing!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment today!!! Come on back anytime!!! 🙂

  5. What a great cause, Beth Ann. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Quite a few babies will be thankful for you. 🙂

  6. So I guess we need to get our “butts” in gear to provide diapers for baby’s “butts”! You have such great ideas for your donations.

  7. Helen Brown says:

    Your diaper cause sounds like a good one and I am sure it will be appreciated by many mothers. I would never have thought about it since my kids were born when we had to wash the diapers. It was cheaper but certainly not as convenient.

    • Chris and I were just talking about cloth diapers and how they saved us money but most of these moms who need diapers probably don’t have easy access to washing machines, you know? I took all that for granted.

      • When I had my daughter I was a single parent, so I started off with cloth diapers to help save money. 13 days later I was back in the hospital after having a severe allergic reaction to the tiny bit of bleach I was putting in my diaper pail. Of course because I was post partum they put me on the maternity floor. The next morning when I wandered down to the lounge I was surrounded by mothers all talking about the babies they had delivered the day before. When asked I started to cry because I delivered my daughter 14 days before. The rest of the mothers were aghast that I was still in the hospital. To this day I can’t get near bleach & my daughter went into Pampers right after that.

        • Oh wow!! I can identify a bit—our second was a preemie and had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital. I, of course, got released the next day and as the volunteer wheeled me out I was crying because I had to leave Aaron there. She patted my hand and told me it would be okay—I would be back soon to have my baby…..sigh. Well intentioned but totally inaccurate! Glad you were okay and totally understand how the smell of bleach can put you over !!! Glad you came out of it okay.

  8. Two great causes! I don’t know how parents do it these days, with the economy and rising prices. I’ll do my best to help out.

  9. This is a great cause. I remember when how happy I was when each of my kids was out of diapers. They do get expensive and it adds to the weekly bill tremendously. I’m going to check if there is a place locally. Love this. Good luck!!!

    • Thanks! I used cloth mainly with our first (we were a poor Navy couple!) and then when Aaron came we used more disposable ones. They are crazy expensive!!!

  10. As the Chair for the Junior League of Boca Raton Diaper Bank, thank you so much for making September all about DIAPERS! Unfortunately, a lot of families we serve do not have easy access to their own washer/dryer, hence cloth diapers aren’t always the solution. Laundromats don’t allow the diapers to be washed there and a lot of Childcare Centers require a day’s worth of disposable diapers for parents to leave their little one. Thank you so much again!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!!! I am really thrilled about this month and the impact that we can have on babies and their moms!! I had that same conversation with someone about cloth diapers—not always an option for those who do not have access to washers and dryers and with daycare being needed so often it is not even a possibility to be able to have that as an option. Please spread the word and let folks know that they can comment on any post at to make a comment and make a difference!! Thanks again!!

  11. My son was 14 when he read about the need for diaper support in the Time magazine article written by Joanne Goldblum. That article inspired him to found a diaper bank in Eastern Washington called Inland NW Baby. He is now 17, a senior, and very much involved in making sure that there are drier bottoms in his community. Thank you for supporting the National Diaper Bank Network and the work they do to gain national attention and support for this cause.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Julie! I am happy to be doing this this month! It is a real need and one that most folks don’t even think about!!!!Stop back anytime!


  1. […] drive.  I decided to make my donation this month to the National Diaper Bank Network.  You can read my post here where I highlighted what they do.  I had another great month and will be making a $162 donation to […]

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