Teapot Tuesday

A quick trip down memory lane on our recent trip to Seattle where we happened upon Vital Life Tea for tea tasting!! It was a fabulous time spent with Mei sampling tons of different kinds of teas and of course —I got a cute little teapot/cup combo along with some fabulous tea.  Enjoy!

Some of the fabulous teas we tasted.

Blooming teas!

Chris is the year of the pig and I am the year of the rat—Mei honored us!

Another great cup of tea !

The perfect tasting cup.

Mei pouring me more tea!

I look like a giant next to her!

My buy from Vital Leaf Tea! A cute brewing teacup/teapot!

It was a pretty perfect morning  and my patient husband sampled all the teas, too, so we both got to experience some fine teas!!



  1. How fun!

  2. looks like fun 🙂

  3. Love your purchase. I’d display the pot as a piece of art.

  4. Georgiana Hill says:

    What a nice day and a very pretty pot to remember the day by.

  5. That seems like a nice little relaxing way to spend a day!

  6. I’m glad Chris played along. 🙂 Cute teapot! Mei reminds me of our petite granddaughter.

  7. That’s awesome. I love the leafy teas. I never really had that until you sent it to me. It’s just about perfect! 🙂

  8. aren’t the blooming teas amazing!! I have been on the lookout for a clear teapot for about a year now so that I can use mine. no luck yet!

  9. Gosh, Beth Ann, I love this installment of Teapot Tuesday. Well done!

  10. Helen Brown says:

    This teapot is one I really like a lot.

  11. I’ve always wanted to try a flowering tea, they are so pretty. How do they taste, flowery? or just like tea? Curious!

  12. Tea tasting beats wine tasting, in my opinion. Looked like deliciously good fun!

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