A Lot of Words—A Lot of Free Speech Flowing

When we were recently in Port Townsend, WA there was a guy with whiteboards set up in town.  Now these were not ordinary white boards. They were filled with words he had written.  He claims he has the largest free speech display around.   I was intrigued.  I read and snapped pictures.  I asked him his name which I promptly forgot since I did not write it down immediately. I googled it and found out he has a website (surprise,surprise) and you can order things (bigger surprise).  His name is Arhato Soho and his website, should you want to read more, is located here.

He was an interesting fellow and while I did not agree with much of what he wrote I think he is just trying to drive a point home and get people to think on their own about what they believe instead of blindly following along with the masses. At least that is what I want to think he is trying to do.  He is the free speech proponent.

Due warning—some of the language in the pictures is not what I would normally post on my blog but I am allowing this gentleman to practice his free speech.  Please do not be offended and do not think that all of his words are what I personally believe as they most definitely are not.  I just was intrigued and thought it was an interesting thing .  Would love to hear your comments about this dude, what he is doing and your opinions about free speech!










  1. An interesting concept. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How interesting! He really covered a lot of controversial subjects too! I think that’s a neat idea

  3. This is interesting and like you said he got what he wanted discussion and spreading his idea!!!

  4. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Wow. I got nothing else. Just, WOW?

  5. Hmm, that is different. At least he is doing it peacefully and it is up to others to come read, so he is not forcing it on anybody.

    • You are right–he was not in anyone’s face at all—very calm dude and if you wanted to read, fine, if not, fine. If you wanted to sign up for his newsletter you could. I did not. 🙂

  6. I like his free hugs, $200! lol

  7. The first sin amongst 77 in public… Farting.
    Such a wise man.

  8. Lunar Euphoria says:

    That’s a lotta words on whiteboards!

  9. Wow–guess I’m with Miranda on this one. It is a fascinating concept, and it makes for an intriguing post, for sure! Thanks for sharing this, Beth Ann!

  10. Helen Brown says:

    I don’t know exactly what to think about him. He sounded negative, maybe he wasn’t though.

    • He was a little intimidating but I am not sure if he really was or not, you know?? He wasn’t agressive at all to pull people in to read and talk to them but I guess it was just because it was so out there in your face that it was a bit weird.

  11. jonilujon says:

    My son told me about this entry when you originally posted it. Took me until now to have the time to read it.

    I looked at his website. There’s some good stuff there. Going by your description of his demeanor and the logic of what he has to say on the whiteboards, he doesn’t seem to be one to me, but he has a blog entry where he encourages folks to be crackpots. “More evolved beings know that they possess all possible characteristics [good and bad] while those less evolved are defensive, and in denial of that reality. Real humbleness comes from seeing that you are no more or less than others.” http://arhataosho.com/?p=2883

    Good stuff.

    • Thanks for the comment. He was not aggressive at all and I think he is just trying to get folks to think on their own. Did I agree with everything he wrote on those boards—nope. Do I support his right to free speech?? Yep! Just like having a blog only his is on whiteboards! 🙂

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