Teapot Tuesday Original!

My teapot is done!  My teapot is done!!  My teapot is done!!   They called to tell me my piece was all fired and ready to pick up so I flew to Market 124 to get it and I was pretty pleased with the results!  Not bad for an amateur!!!  Now mind you I did not throw the pot–just painted it!!!  



  1. Oh, I LOVE it, Beth Ann. You did a great job–congrats, my friend!

  2. That’s pretty darn cute!

  3. Very cheerful. Will you be able to use it for tea or is it just for show?

  4. Love your color choices. Perfect for use on a dreary March day…

  5. I love it. Great color and design choices. Middle keeps asking to take her to Color Me Mine. I want to go too so I can paint something!!!

    • Oh you need to go! She would have so much fun and you can get small things that don’t cost a fortune to paint. The place we went is really reasonable, IMHO, and they were so nice and helpful with Carlton. He was happy with the way his turned out so that is all that matters!

  6. Are you sure that it’s yours? I’m thinking maybe it’s CARLTON’S, we’ve recently seen some of his handiwork and the colors appear to be the same as his…Hmmm, suspicious, very suspicious!! lol

  7. One of a kind! 🙂

  8. I love it – polka dots are my fave! well done Beth!

  9. Nice job, Beth Ann! It’s such a pretty shape, I love the red and blue.

  10. Becky Miracle says:

    Oh LOVE it! You did a great job! Of course I love that it is red, but then I KNEW it would be. That’s so neat that you now have one in your collection that you made!!!!!!!!

  11. Cute, cute, cute! Nice work, Beth Ann!

  12. Helen Brown says:

    Very nice and I like the color. Don’t you have another one that color? I know you are like your grandmother. Red was her favorite color.

  13. Very cute. I particularly like the yellow knob. Is this what you were working on with Carlton?

  14. great job!
    I love it!

  15. So simple and yet so cute 🙂

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