Teapot Tuesday—China Style

On our recent trip to China I found an adorable teapot and cup set.  Red, small, ideal.  I love it and of course Chris bargained with them to get it at a better price.  It was the first sale of the day and that is a big deal —they like to reward you if it is their first sale of the day….or so they say!!!   Anyway–here it is –straight from China!!!







  1. Georgiana Hill says:

    Looks like a good choice. Enjoy your afternoon tea.

  2. Can I borrow Chris? I can never haggle over prices. Nice set. I can’t wait to go to China, but that trip is not in the near future.

    • I think he would do that for you! In China you don’t pay full price for anything at any of these little shops. You make an offer, they counter, etc. Chris has it all figured out–me, not so much so I let him do it and he did get pretty good deals on some jewelry and this.

  3. I love the tray, that the set is on..Do you have any idea what the inscriptions mean?

    • I actually know what the tray says but not the pot!!! The tray says Cha Dao which translates to The Art of Tea. It is a gongfu tray which you use to collect the excess water from the preparation and rinsing of the teaware when making this type of tea.

  4. I love it. I like how they don’t have handles on the cup… it makes sipping the tea such an experience!!! Maybe some nice oolong!!! 🙂

  5. Helen Brown says:

    I really, really like this tea set. Enjoy your tea.

  6. adorable. Love the tray it is on – very nice.

  7. Very nice!
    All these tea sets and I don’t even know – what is your favorite kind of tea?

  8. Interesting that there is not any handles on the cups.

    • The way that it is usually prepared in China is in small amounts—when you check into a hotel you are greeted with cute little cups of tea like this—-I loved it!

  9. So cute! I really love the tray too! 🙂

  10. Love it!

  11. How nice…. now everytime you use it you will remember your trip! What a great souvenier and addition to the collection!

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