To B & B or Not to B & B

Chris and I just got back from the adventure to end all adventures.  We did it all.  We used all modes of transportation.  We came, we saw and we conquered, so to speak.  While we were at it we stayed in some pretty incredible places.  Today I thought I would highlight a few of those places that we really loved and pass on some love to these folks who made our stays so wonderful!

Many times when we travel we stay in hotels.  Sometimes when we do a week or more we stay at VRBO’s (Vacation Rentals By Owners) and have had great experiences.  Sometimes we like to stay at Bed and Breakfasts.  Not all the time because sometimes it is just not a good fit but for this trip we stayed at 3 different ones—1 in Canada and 2 in Washington state.  Today I would love to share a bit about the wonderful places we stayed in the great state of Washington.

Our stay at Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast was WONDERFUL!!!

Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast

Our host, Phillip, met us at the door of this lovely Port Angeles/ Sequim Bed and Breakfast and we were in awe at the fabulous surroundings.  We met Bonnie the following morning at breakfast and both of them were the absolute perfect people to have a bed and breakfast.  We were shown to our room (Ludwig’s Chamber) and our luxurious accommodations were so welcoming ! Beautiful antiques which were brought over from Europe just for the inn and they were so fabulous.   When we stay at places I notice the little extras that are there.  Bonnie and Phillip thought of it all—-from fresh chocolate chip cookies in our room  to a huge cupboard of guest amenities including water and soda, personal items–it was all there. Popcorn and a microwave downstairs along with coffee and tea were another wonderful thing that our hosts had thought of.  Probably the thing that I loved the most was the table full of flameless candles that guests could take to their room and use during their stay!!! Nice touch!! Very nice touch.

The bed was very comfy, the shower hot and wonderful and the scenery was beyond belief.  We wished we were staying more than one night. We spent quite a while walking in the beautiful gardens and enjoying the scents and colors of all the beauty around us as we headed to the adirondack chairs that faced the water.  As we sat and waited for sunset (even though it got really foggy) we saw eagles flying overhead and watched sea lions frolicking in the water below us.  Heaven on earth?  Close to it.

Breakfast was a fabulous feast shared with 2 other couples and we had great conversations around the table and had to tear ourselves away to start our day !!!!  Bonnie was such a wonderful hostess that morning and we loved all the great food and personal touches.  I found out later that she is an author (another reason why I liked her so much!) and she has quite an array of wonderful gift books.  Check her blog out here if you want to learn more about her.  If you are ever looking for a place to stay in this area you have to check this fabulous place out.  I can not say enough about it!

The other Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at was another great place in Westport, Washington called Westport Bayside Bed and Breakfast.

Our hostess, Tracy, met us at the door and welcomed us with a huge smile and introduced us to her husband, Rich.  Her enthusiasm was obvious and contagious and we felt like we were once again–home.   We were a little confused because Chris had made the reservation with Beth and this was not her!!!   Come to find out they had just bought the place and started running it a mere two weeks earlier and we were some of their first dozen or so guests which made us feel special!!!  🙂   The house had been a family home which the former owner had decided to convert to a bed and breakfast and it was so nicely decorated and laid out that we felt it was a perfect fit.

Our room upstairs was such a lovely room with a fabulous bath attached and a great view out a huge window of the bay—perfect!!!  Once again our hosts had thought of all the little things including freshly baked oatmeal cookies (a hit with the hubby) and all of the other little niceties that make a stay someplace so wonderful.  We spent some time getting to know Tracy and Rich a bit, shared a glass of wine together and went out and sat on their little platform overlooking the bay—beautiful!!!!

Breakfast was a delightful experience with another couple that was staying there and the food—oh the food—it was marvelous!!!  My favorite thing had to have been the greek yogurt with the fresh berries and homemade granola.  Yummmmmm!   Once again we felt that we had really lucked out on our adventure and found a great place and made new friends at the same time!!!   Tracy and Rich may be new at this but they are going to do such a great job at being the owners of this fabulous place!!!  Check them out if you are ever in the area!!!

I am posting a few pictures below in the slideshow of both places.  I seem to have taken more pictures of Sea Cliff Gardens than of Westport Bayside but they were both so wonderful!!!!  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. You had a wonderful time at both places. Thanks for sharing your story and photos.

  2. I love B&B’s… I am going to Napa in September and we are staying at one… the people who own / run it seem so nice… I love the personal touch… VRBO’s are fun too…. Love that you had such a great trip!

  3. We often stay at B&Bs and usually have a wonderful time there. Thanks for sharing these two.

    • You are welcome!!! They were so wonderful and just did more than most of the places we have stayed—it was just refreshing to have these experiences!

  4. Sounds lovely. The photographs are beautiful.

    • Thanks, Jamie!!! I took soooo many pictures of the flowers, especially, at Sea Cliff Gardens! It was just gorgeous and it was obvious how much love was put into the gardens there. And at Westport they were just so welcoming and gracious!!! Great places to be!

  5. They all look like charming places to stay. Have to say, however, that I LOVE your title of this post. VERY creative, my friend. Enjoy your weekend———

    • Was going with the catchy title today, Kathy!!! Thanks!!! Looking forward to watching some Olympics now that my travel plans have changed a bit ! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  6. I can see why you give these B & Bs such outstanding reviews. The scenery alone is worth a five-star rating.

    • Totally agree—-more pictures of our trip to come over the next month. I am ending up having more of a photography blog this month! 🙂

  7. Beautiful pictures. Now, more than ever I want to go to the Pacific Northwest and enjoy that beautiful scenery!!!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I love B&Bs and will put these two on my list for our next sojurn to WA.

  9. B&B’s are my favorite way to stay and I use them whenever possible. There’s just something extra special about a trip fill with genuine hospitality and a touch of by-gone days. Looks like you found some winners! Thanks for sharing. If I ever make it out that side of the US I’ll check them out. Be blessed!

  10. Helen Brown says:

    I am so glad you had such a nice trip and you have all these pictures for you to look at and enjoy and share.

  11. Both places look lovely! So glad your accommodations helped make your trip even more special.

  12. Clever title! Looks like a great time was had. The birdhouse fenceposts are just adorable.

    • I just noticed that some of the pics are distorted in the slide show but I guess you got the idea–the birdhouses on the fenceposts WERE adorable!

  13. Both places sound great–I’d really like walking around the gardens at the first place but those dogs at the second place caught my eye. The homemade cookies is a nice touch–some day I’d like to stay at a bed and breakfast somewhere. Glad you had such a nice time!

    • It was beautiful, Karen. Hopefully and Gerard can do a B & B someday—-they are usually a lot of fun and you meet some really interesting people that way. Well worth it!

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