How Much Love Can A Heart Hold?

When I was younger I thought that I was so smart.  I thought I knew all that there was to know about love.  As a teenager I had my share of loves.  Some were wonderful experiences and some not so wonderful but I made it through them and came  out relatively okay.  I always thought that I was a loving person.  I had examples of love all around me.  I grew up in a very loving family.  I had solid relationships with my siblings and my parents.  There was respect and a lot more love than you can even imagine.

When I fell in love with my husband I fell hard.  He was everything that I “dreamed” of in a man.  Even though we were both 18 the first time that we met I knew that this was THE one.  It took awhile for him to come around to realize that I was more than the giggly, goofy freshman who managed to maneuver her seating in the cafeteria so that he was the focal point.   We first met in the fall and started dating in the spring. Like I said—it took him a little while to figure it out.  But once he did that was pretty much it for both of us.  I think it was the “warm fuzzy” and chocolate chip cookies that did it.  He says it was the black pants.

I never imagined that love could be so complete.  Being with someone who truly loves you is just an extension of your own self.  The amazing thing is that there is always a capacity for more.  The heart grows over time and if allowed—will continue to grow until it is all consuming.

That is what happens when you have children.  The love that I feel for our boys is actually overwhelming at times if I admit it.  I never thought before I had children how much love a heart could hold.  Now I know.  It is endless. When you have one you can’t imagine loving another like you love the first but you do.  Your heart grows into it .  It enlarges to encircle the other child.  It does not end when they move out on their own either.  It continues to grow.  It is such a blessing to know that my heart knows no bounds and my love is complete and all encompassing.  Without a doubt—the heart can hold much more than I ever thought.



  1. Very moving post. Love, if you let it, will never end in my opinion.

  2. Virginia says:

    I love this one! And isn’t it amazing how much love our hearts are capable of holding and sharing? I love you!

  3. How sweet, Beth Ann. I know what it is to love deeply–to fall hard–to have love last. This would have also been a great place to leave the link to your appearance on the Huffington Post! May I suggest you add that link? Congrats on that again, my friend!

  4. So well said in words that truly touch the heart. Right now I am watching my eldest daughter fall in love. It is beautiful and sweet and makes me so happy when I see the two of them together looking at each other with such tenderness. Young love is a beautiful thing. But as you said, it grows into something even more wonderful. Again, congrats to you and Chris on 30 years of marriage!

  5. Beautiful post!

  6. That was beautiful and so very true. I know exactly what you are saying… after I had my first I was a little worried how I could possibly love another one like that… but it doesn’t matter it’s just there.

  7. This is so true, Beth Ann. As the family circle enlarges, so does the heart. Beautifully stated.

  8. Helen Brown says:

    I had to laugh to myself when you mentioned it took Chris a while to decide to date you. He must have been like your Dad. It was worth waiting for though, wasn’t it? Yes, your heart has room for many to love, even after they are gone.

  9. So sweet! And so right.

  10. Yeah, it sort of like a HEFTY “force flex” bag, it just keeps expanding as you need

  11. True, it is endless.
    Very lovely and warm thoughts 🙂

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