Wordless Wednesday


  1. I love it!

  2. McGuffyAnn says:

    As a lifelong dog owner, former vet tech, & petsitter, I can fully appreciate this. Great idea!

    • It is great, isn’t it??? It gets me how many people do not pick up after their pets. Gross.

      • McGuffyAnn says:

        Rude, irresponsible, unhealthy…inexcusable.
        BTW, congrats to you & Chris. #1 yrs. for Bill & I. It’s been 35 total. It seems surreal. Blessed, aren’t we? Peace.

  3. I was just going to ask, “What is this? A beaver?” Guess not. My husband will tell you that sometimes it takes me awhile to figure things out.

  4. Around here it is Canadian Goose droppings that you have to be more wary of..People just don’t clean up after they’re goosed. Oops I meant their geese..My bad,

  5. Good one! I think everyone has experienced this at some time.

  6. brilliant. I’ll take 2: one for my own front yard, and one for the park across the street. Because the one already posted clearly isn’t effective enough.

    • I am not a dog owner but if I was I would pick up. It is just gross. Another reason why I have inside cats—since we live in a neighborhood —don’t want others to deal with it!

  7. Helen Brown says:

    We need the sign here also. We have people walking their dogs who do not even live here.

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