Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS)

Yep—we are in here!!! We made Huffington Post!!!!! Take that, Freshly Pressed!!!!!

Slides 29 and 30—-check us out!!!!!

Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS).



  1. Are you saying I know a famous person now! Don’t forget your fans who’ve been there the whole time. Congrats!

  2. Wow, this is totally, totally exciting. Congratulations! How did the Huffington Post find you or did you submit and get chosen? Maybe I should dig out our wedding pix and submit. We celebrated our 30th in May. Your selection is like icing on the anniversary cake. Thanks for sharing this celebratory news.

    • Audrey–they just tweeted about the article and I read it and I think the email address is in there where to send the photos to be included. I did nothing special but I sure feel special!! Go ahead and send your pics!!

  3. This is such a cool thing to be acknowledged for. 30 years of marriage and memories together is something I look forward to. 🙂

  4. Becky Miracle says:

    AW…I told you I’d be able to say…”I knew her when…” Congrats!!!!!!!

  5. That’s so darned exciting! Congrats! You two look so cute in both pics!

  6. OMG! This is SOOOOOO damn exciting! You’re famous, my friend!

  7. Can I get your autograph?

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