Golf Balls, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Soda

Our youngest son, Aaron, has always had a way of getting things that he wanted.   He was never afraid of trying something new in order to achieve the ends to the means.   His personality remains to this day to be one of tenacity and endurance.  He sticks with a project until he figures it out.  Not me—I throw my hands up in the air and whine!

When we lived in North Carolina we lived on a golf course and had the privilege of having dozens of golf balls come into our yard every week. Some ended up in the water hazard, our pool, and a good deal of them got stuck in the hedges that bordered the golf course.  Aaron was pretty good at cleaning up all the golf balls and we had quite a huge collection of them stored in the garage.  We had several lifetimes of golf balls in our possession at any given time.

One summer day I came home from work and was a little surprised to see the garage doors open and an extension cord running from the garage through the back yard.   I followed the orange trail to the end and discovered that Aaron had set up on the golf course and was selling golf balls, soda and chocolate chip cookies to the golfers on the 14th green.   He had the patio table and umbrella set up and was doing a booming business.   The electric cord?   He had taken a fan out to keep cool.  It was North Carolina in the summer after all.   He later added grilling hotdogs on the George Foreman grill  to the mix and pulled in even more money to fund his latest electronic acquisitions.

Lesson learned?  Where there is a will there is a way and I am hoping he will take very good care of me in my old age.



  1. Aaron was very enterprising and creative. No wonder he did a booming business. I know if I came by a stand like that, I’d stop. I’m sure he’ll take very good care of you when the time comes. Gotta love that he even brought the fan along–what a practical kid! What, no picture of his table?

  2. I love it! I could learn from him…does he have any money making ideas for London and the Olympics? I don’t think I’ll need a fan though since it is raining yet again.

  3. I love this. What a great story. What is he doing now?

    • Christine—he works for Cisco as an IT Analyst and will have worked for them 2 yrs come August—his first job out of college. He is a hustler for sure!

  4. Love Aaron’s determination. What does he do for an occupation now? Baker? Salesman? Have a start-up business? Computers? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • He works as an IT analyst for Cisco and does all kind of tech stuff on the side. He is always doing something , trust me!!! He is gonna go far says the proud mama!

  5. Great story. Wonderful son. I’m sure he will take care of you in old age. Sounds like something my nephew would do. I’m with Christine–wonderfing where he is and what he’s doing these day.

  6. Helen Brown says:

    This is one of my favorite stories of my grandson Aaron. I have told it to many of my friends. He has always been creative and does his thing and keeps at it until it works. I am very proud of him.

  7. Hahahaha! What a great story! Well done, Aaron!

  8. What a great story! I neighbor of mine’s son used to collect the gold balls and sell them in bulk! Good for your son…an early entrepeneur!

  9. fantastic story! loved that. what a smart young man. and it reminds me of the boy who went around our neighbourhood mowing lawns for $5…….and now he is a very, very successful man! There certainly is a lesson there.

  10. Cute story, Beth Ann!


  1. […] was always the one who was the entrepreneur—selling golf balls and cookies on the golf course (read my post about this here) and selling anything that was not nailed down on Ebay or Craig’s List. He is going places, […]

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