Totally Teapot Tuesday

This one I found boxed up in the back of my hutch.  I can’t remember where I got it and who gave it to me……:-(.  I am going to be diligent in writing this stuff down now!





  1. Like the pretty stones, did they come with it?

  2. Love this teapot for its simplicity.

  3. Helen Brown says:

    Another pretty teapot. Glad you found it . I am glad I do not have to move them.

  4. I love this one!

  5. I like this one a lot too. Especially with the Japanese/Chinese like tea cups/bowls.

  6. Love this one. So pretty and simple. Green tea perfect. 🙂

  7. Cute little set, you need to get it out of the box! lol

  8. I, too, love the simplicity of this one!

  9. Do you leave the teapots sitting out after the picture, or do you put it back in it’s normal resting spot (though not back in the box in the back of the hutch)? I noticed you mentioned a candle normally lives atop of the stones, so I assume you just use the table for the photo opp? I like it, Beth Ann.

    • They are kind of all over the place! I have a couple of hutches and bookcases and there are some in other various places around the house. It try to rotate them a bit. And since I seem to be acquiring more on this trip I will have to seriously think about where to put more…

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