Wordless Wednesday

I am quite ladylike…..


  1. How do they do? I’ve suffered from insomnia off and on all of my life and they can fall asleep anywhere and look totally at peace. I can’t tell if she is sleeping in this photo, but in my mind she is. I can hear my dog snoring in the room next door right now…grrrrrr. I totally want to be a spoiled pet.

  2. what a position she got herself into… Love her!

  3. Your room looks comfortable and cozy. She’s fully in the spirit of things.

  4. Oh, to be a cat…

  5. If only I could nap like a cat.

  6. My Finn likes to sleep curled up, too. It’s our Yorkie, Gracie, who like to sprawl!!! 🙂

  7. She got a “leg up” on Buddy. that’s for sure.

  8. She’s a beautiful kitty.

  9. How funny. Our Maltese Lucy likes to lay in a similarly unladylike position–on her BACK!

  10. Great shot of your cat. We have a black cat called Monkey who tries hard to be cute but doesn’t quite pull it off.

  11. too funny! My girl cat is very unlady-like in some of her poses too: http://thesugarlump.com/2012/05/09/ladylike/

  12. Is that cat really relaxed and comfortable? Really? It looks like it could slide off – well, that’s what a human would do for sure.

    • She picked a spot that day and stayed there for most of the afternoon so I guess she was happy and comfy though it did not look very comfy to me!

  13. Helen Brown says:

    Holly is happy. That is what counts!

  14. Only cats can stay in that position and still feels comfortable 😉

  15. Cute kitty! …odd leg action happening there…

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