All I Have Left Are Pictures and Memories

Our week at Lakeside on Lake Erie is done for the year and all I have left are memories and pictures.   I have a lot of great ones of both and am going to share a few with you over the next week.  Enjoy the slide show—–just a small sampling of what we saw this past week.

Which is your favorite?

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  1. I would love to sit on the veranda and read!

  2. Oh, it looks SOOOOOO lovely, Beth Ann!
    Sorry to have been away all week. I should be back beginning today. I”ve missed you!

  3. Makes you want to just cozy up with a good book in one of those porch rocking chairs or Adirondack chairs on the lawn. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. What a difficult task. I can’t choose just one. So…instead I will take any of the inviting front porch ones. I have always wanted a porch.

  5. Monica Grubb says:

    Actually Beth, I could slip these into a photoframe and watch them for hours! The adde porches and human habitats are inspring and your photographic eye is perfect. I love the lace flower framed in by the lake – so simple and peaceful. That one could go on my wall…

  6. The blind kitty reminds me of ‘Deaf Kitty’. The kitties belonged to my landlords, and I rented a room in their house. I had a rottweiler at the time. Deaf Kitty and my Rottie could be found (often) sitting on the front porch together. Deaf Kitty adored Lina, and Lina adored Deaf Kitty. It was wonderful to watch.

    The photos are beautiful. I think I like the different colored picket fence best.

  7. Idyllic is the only word that comes to mind…

  8. Of-course I love the pictures of the flowers and the water. Lovely. But my favorite was the two white chairs on the green lawn just waiting for someone to sit in them. My second favorite was the “Lace Flower” surrounded by the water.

    • Yep—-mine would be the red chairs since those were in front of one the houses we used to rent when there were more of us going and it was right on the lake!

  9. Helen Brown says:

    It is hard to choose which I liked best but I really liked the one with the Lilies with a background of water and the sky.

  10. So many pretty pictures, the charming houses and porches and balconies. The pastel-painted picket fence was favorite, and the water, rocks and flowers were another. Such a lovely place!

  11. Leann Palm says:

    Thanks for sharing Lakeside….we miss going!!!!

  12. So many beautiful pictures… it’s hard to pick a favorite, though I do like the flamingos. And the houses, oh, the house with their front, back and wrap-around porches… love, love, love!!!

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