A Boy and His Dog

There are few things in life more precious than seeing a boy who truly loves his dog.  This past week my mom and sister and I were witness to the greatest love I have seen for awhile of that.   We were sitting on a bench by Lake Erie when this young man, probably about 10 0r so, came down with his dog.  To get to the water you have to climb the jagged rocks and they picked their way to the water slowly.  He was trying to coax her into the water and she was a bit timid about it.  Then he made the ultimate mistake.  He took off her leash.  That gave her license to run.  And run she did.   She clambered up the rocks with the boy in pursuit.  It was a hot day—90 degrees plus and this dog acted like it was just the coolest day you could imagine by the way she bounded around.  She was called and ignored the call.  She bounded here and there, came close to her boy and then ran away just when he reached for her.  She explored the putt putt course much to his dismay.  She came close to me and I tried to grab her but she was  as elusive as a the Holy Grail.  

She took off down the path and ran hither and yon with her young owner in hot—literally and figuratively—pursuit.   We worried.  We wondered if he would catch her.  Ten minutes or so passed and here came one sweaty boy with dog on a leash!!!!  We cheered for him!!!  And then he did what made him the best owner in the world.  He carefully picked his way back down the rocky shore with her in tow and encouraged her to get into the water.  When she did he gently scooped water in his hands and showered her with it.  It was a moment of love at its finest.  He was not one bit upset with her for running off and not obeying.  All he could think of was her comfort and her well being.  It was incredibly hot and he wanted her to be cool and comfortable.

There is a lesson there, folks.   Not just for the four legged animal kingdom but for the two legged one.  A little bit more love and compassion is a good thing.  Not closing our eyes to the people around us who may need a little bit more love and attention than we realized.  So for today let’s open our eyes and try to find the places where we can offer some cool soothing water to someone—in whatever form it may be.  Blessings.

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  1. Amazing. What a great story. I’m glad, they both got to cool down and there was a happy ending. 🙂

    • It was so touching to see him—-he was such a cute kid and he was so sweaty by the time the little romp was over that I hope he cooled off too!!!

  2. I like Happy Endings.:)

  3. Hence the name “the dog days of summer”…

  4. sweet story. much sweeter than the “dog that peed on the kids pool” story I told.

  5. That’s so sweet. You captured LOVE with your camera. This reminds me of the first time we took our dog to the beach. He ran to play with a couple of other dogs, chase birds, etc. The other dog owner assured me that we were his people and he’d be back for us. 🙂

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful words for all of us to remember and follow. Thank you for sharing this touching story of a boy and his dog.

  7. What a truly heart warming story. This is an all time favorite post and a reminder that we need to take time to be kind when ever we can. Children and animals are so wonderful; they can remind us all the time how to love unconditionally. :_

  8. Helen Brown says:

    It touched my heart when he was so loving to his dog.

  9. what a great story and lesson… The boy and the dog are pretty cute too…

  10. What a heartwarming story! Thanks for sharing this. Our dog got off leash at the park once and no way could we catch her. She was off and running before we realized. Her leash broke. Fortunately a guy who was repairing the roof on the shelter was able to get a hold of her. It was very scary when she didn’t respond to our calls!

    • I can only imagine how scary that was!! I just felt for the boy and wanted to help but the dog was determined to run and get it out of her system!

  11. Amen!!

  12. Aw! Beautiful story and pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Such a sweet reminder, as I have a tendency to get so angry when my dog runs off!

    • Thank you!!! It is easy to get angry when they do not do as you want them to do but this little boy was so sweet to his dog—it was really touching!

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