Teapot Tuesday

Today my sister gets ordained as an elder in the United Methodist Church!  Family and friends will gather tonight at Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Ohio on Lake Erie.  It will be a day of great celebration for a journey that is entering a new phase.  I am proud of my sister!   So it seems only right to feature a cute little teapot that she got me for my birthday this year!  Just big enough for a cup of tea for one—the perfect pot for today!


  1. Congrats to your sister’s special day.
    Love that teapot for one. Very special too.

  2. It looks beautiful and delicate. Congrats to your sister. I hope, you will all enjoy this day.

  3. What a gorgeous little pot! Congrats to your sister!

  4. I love how the teapot reflects its surroundings. Nice!
    Congratulations to your sister!!

  5. pattisj says:

    How lovely! And, congratulations to your sister!

  6. A big day for your family. Congratulations to all.

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I too am proud of Paula but also of all four of my kids. Nice that all of them came for the ordination service.

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