Cow Paths and Cat Trails

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I have never been a fan of the carpeting that we have in our house.  When we bought the house we thought about changing it but it was in good shape and seemed rather silly and wasteful.  5 years, more renters than we knew we had , a cat who occasionally spits up his Rutin (also known as BRIGHT YELLOW) medicine later and I am thinking more and more that one  of these days we will need to rip it up and replace it.

As I was vacuuming today I noticed a phenomenon that I had not thought about before.  Cat trails.  You know how cows make trails through the pasture to the barn or to their feeding stations???  Well, today I realized that my cats make cat trails.   The carpet was worn down in a nice neat little path from the slate floor in the kitchen.  Take a sharp curve around the piano leg, hug the wall and walk close to the edge and make a sharp right into “my” office .  No deviation.  I have never really watched them and noticed that this is their path of choice but everytime I vacuum I have to erase the cat trail .  Next day—there it is–back again.

So what is it that makes them want to come into my space?? Most likely the comfy futon and the cat condo where they can watch the bird activity.  Maybe it is because I play my music loudly in here and they are music aficionados.   Maybe it is just because they, like me, are creatures of habit.   They like the comfortable worn path .  They like the known and the expected.  They like companionship.  They like the routine.  I think that is okay.

Do you have any cat trails in your life that you don’t deviate from?  Is the tried and true always the best way?  


  1. Do I have cat trails? nope… I have something else. At 17.5 Alex makes sure that I start my morning (somehow) with my trusty roll of paper towel and carpet cleaner…

  2. We have hardwood floors, which is good since Miles and Att are pukers. But when I mop, I definitely notice trails. To food bowls and Att’s favorite window in the kitchen. And I’ve noticed a few trails to the beer stash, must set up video equipment to figure out that culprit.

    • I would love to see the video footage—I can see little paw prints leading up to the beer stash….little pop tops littering the floor, foamy mouthed pets sprawled out on the floor….

  3. Yes I do! they are the fingerprints on the walls down my hallway! why can’t they go the bathroom without touching ALL the walls? LOL

  4. I can see a “people” path through our living room. And, yes, after nearly 16 years, I’m thinking the carpet should be replaced. But then again I think I’d rather replace the brown kitchen sink and the yellowing cupboards and the Formica countertop and the worn linoleum. But we also need new shingles to replace the defective ones. It never stops, does it, this fixing up of the house?

  5. This reminds me of a former neighbor. When his parents bought another house and moved, he stayed behind. In the backyard, the grass grew to the height of the pool, but he would pull out the lawn mower and cut his path from the house to the shed. We had a good laugh at that.

  6. How funny that you can see the trails on your carpet. Cats are know to follow the same paths religiously. Instinct, I suppose. Never noticed them in our house since we have hard wood floors. Fascinating! Hope you’re having a good Monday, my friend.

  7. We probably make trails too. We just don’t know it. 🙂

  8. Helen Brown says:

    My trails are all over the house looking for my glasses and lots of other things. I get a lot of my exercise in the house.

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