Happy Birthday, Mark!

Today is a special day!   It is my brother’s birthday!  Mark is the closest to me in age–less than 2 years older than me and the great thing is that today I actually am going to be able to see him on his birthday!  We have always been very close.  He looked out for me many more times than I can tell.  Oh –except for that time that he could run faster than me and the horrible bumblebees got stuck in MY hair instead of his!!!! (Thanks, Mark!)

Today starts our week at Lakeside, OH for our yearly pilgrimage to all things United Methodist.   Lakeside, if you have followed me very long, is a very special place to me and my family.  It is where we gathered every year for East Ohio Annual Conference.  While I do not do the meetings other than the worship services it is still a fabulous week for me catching up with family and people that I have known for years.  This year is even better because my sister will be ordained as an elder on Tuesday evening. Pretty exciting and I wish my Daddy was here to see this—he would be so proud.

But today we celebrate with Mark as he turns another year older.  In case you wondered the fish is a 28 pound pinto bass—-he is a  fisherman extraordinaire!!!  I am thrilled to be able to tell him Happy Birthday in person!



  1. Happy birthday Mark…and I’m not sure I would stick around if you had a bumblebee in your hair…bumblebees are big man. BIG. Have a great week!

  2. That’s wonderful. Happy Birthday to your brother! Have a great time. 🙂

  3. Have a great vacation Beth Ann..It has been my experience that some of the finest, nicest, best looking, thoughtful, humorous, intelligent, and genuinely good people have birthdays in June..Happy Birthday to Mark..Oh, would it surprise you to know that MY birthday is also in June? Though I may be the exception to the rules listed above. lol

  4. Happy birthday Mark 🙂
    That’s a big fish he catches.

  5. Lots of things to celebrate this week! Enjoy!

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