You Don’t Really Know Her

I love meeting people !  I love meeting online people that I may never ever get to meet in person.  It is kind of what I do these days.  But more on that later.

I first “met” Leslee Horner when I started following her blog Waiting for the Click.  She had a great blog and was a fabulous and engaging writer.  I honestly am not sure how I first found her but I found myself very excited when she would write a new post.  Her words usually carried quite an impact with me and I was grateful I had found her.  As time went on she decided to take a break from blogging and recently I reconnected with her on Facebook and I have picked up with her again in a different way.

Leslee is not only a writer but an artist.  A pretty amazing artist in my book. She creates what she calls “personalized intuitive art” which is a combination of collage and acrylic painting.  Once she has the name of the person the artwork is for she magically creates a masterpiece.  I asked her to create one for me and I was blown away when I received my painting.–Please check out her website here.

Artist–Leslee Horner

I love it, don’t you?  (Click on the picture to enlarge to see the detail if you want to!  It is awesome!) Then she posted another picture online that she had just done and I HAD TO HAVE IT!  It was the perfect fit for my downstairs bathroom and I think you will agree.

I commented to my husband that I absolutely LOVED having artwork done by people that I know.   He looked at me and said “Isn’t this from one of your imaginary friends who you have never met and most likely will never meet? You don’t really know her.”   Well, yea, but YOU know what I mean!!!  I know her!!

I do have some other “favorite” pieces of art in our home.  This one is by my mom and I love it!!!  I have several of her pieces. And I DO KNOW her!!!  Isn’t she talented?

And then of course I have to feature “Cotton” Ketchie who I DO know who is a wonderful artist from Mooresville, NC.  I am happy to say that we are friends in real life!  This is just one of our many pieces of “Cotton’s work.  Check out his gallery here.

I just realized how horrible all of my pictures of my pictures are after I looked at the post!  Sorry—but you get the idea!!!

So there you have a few of my favorite pieces of art.  What is your style?  Is there any piece in your home that is your absolute favorite?? I would love to hear!



  1. I do like her paining and the one for the bathroom, you couldn’t have asked for a better fit. We don’t have a lot of artwork in our home. The better half has many Pearl Jam posters, which we have displayed high up on a shelf. Did I do that intentionally? I’m not telling.

    • Pearl Jam?? Seriously?? How old is he–like 16???? Hahaha! Just kidding. I am sure there are wonderful memories that go along with having posters like that !!!

  2. she does great work…. Imaginary friend sounds like something marc would say… what is wrong with these guys? Don’t they realize that sometimes it is easier to be friends with someone you don’t really know… You have no reason not to let it all out…

  3. Thanks for sharing your artist with us. My walls are mostly filled with artwork by our sons and daughter. I think your mom’s painting is lovely. Do you paint too?

    • Oh I would love your house, I bet!!! Your children are so talented from the little I have seen that you have shared!!! I love my mom’s painting though she will most likely think it is ridiculous that I put it on her…I can hear her now!!! 🙂 I don’t paint–never tried to be honest with you. I am thinking when we have Carlton stay for a couple of weeks this summer I might get some supplies for him to use and we will have an “art day” because the new place he is working has an art studio and that is where he is spending his time. I think it is a pretty neat thing and can’t wait to see what he is coming up with so maybe I can get him to make me a Carlton original!

  4. Very nice, Beth Ann. And yes, the daisies are a perfect fit for your bathroom.
    As I type, I see three photographs which I found through Leah, one of my blogging friends. She is a fantastic photographer, and I just ‘had’ to have some of her work. I have another picture hanging beside me, which was done by a high school friend after we reconnected on Facebook.
    You can access Leah’s blog and see her photographs here:
    And you can see my friend Laura’s work here:

    • Isn’t it wonderful to have things from people you “know”? We have tons of photographs that we have taken on travels displayed on canvas or collages or regular enlarged photos so I love that type of artwork also!! Thanks for the links—heading over to them now!!!

  5. I love the flower painting and it fits just perfectly in your bathroom. I need to take some time and go through my photographs… I want put some of them in frames and play around a little in picmonkey. I never seem to have the time but it’s something I want to do!!!

    • You definitely should! You have taken some fab pictures! We have gotten a lot done up in canvas and I love the look! That is what we did in our exercise room. Some day I will do a post on that!!! 🙂 I am always looking for Groupon specials for canvas pics and take advantage of that!

  6. First, I love the daisies and the floral by your mom. Beautiful.

    Much of the artwork in my home comes from rummage sales. One of my favorites is a print of Harvey Dunn’s “The Prairie Is my Garden” because it reminds me of my native southwestern Minnesota. I just posted a photo of it and some of my other art a few days ago.

    Second, please tell your hubby that online friends are “real,” not imaginary. I just met blogger Gretchen O’Donnell and her family on Saturday when they traveled three hours to Faribault to attend a musical. I invited them to our home and it was wonderful to meet someone I knew only online.

    • He loves to tease me about that! And he knows how serious I am about my bloggy friends. I am sure gonna try to meet you one of these days since we are so close!!!! And I loved your art that you posted the other day—I don’t think I commented that day but I did read!!!

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I have a lot of pictures on my walls–probably too many but I love them all. I enjoy the ones done by someone I know as I think of them when I see the picture. I have one very special one from a lady I got to know well. She gave chalk talks and wrote poetry, a very talented person. For my wedding gift in 1951, she asked what kind of picture I would like and she did one in chalk as a result, and gave it to us. It is still just as beautiful now as it was then.

  8. Gosh, I love the art. Leslee is talented. However, I have to agree with you, that one of the best parts of blogging involes “meeting” the people. And you are one of those gifts for me, Beth Ann! Thanks for being a part of my online famiy!

  9. I tried to comment earlier and I couldn’t get it posted so let me try again. Thank you so much Beth Ann for supporting my writing and my art. You are so awesome and really give me the boost of self-confidence to keep exploring my art. I even put a new blog post up today! And I have to say I’ve met some wonderful people (including you) thanks to blogging. These days I often go to my “imaginary” friends first when I have something I want to get off my chest. I never could of imagined how much my world would open up through the internet.

    • Glad you were able to comment finally–WordPress is being wacky about that again and it is hurting my Comments for a Cause so thanks for sticking with it!!! I am a firm believer in promoting those who we come in contact with who have positive things to offer the world! You, my dear, are one of those people and I am glad we found each other! Of course I think you are very talented and thrilled to have a couple of your pieces to showcase!!! Keep on creating!

  10. All of these are lovely, Beth Ann, and that one looks like it was made for your bathroom! I have a piece in my sewing room done by a “real” friend who is an abstract artist; many pieces by my sister-in-law with watercolor, calligraphy, and whatever else she was doing at the time; and I have a painted slate with flowers that I got at Tamarack in W.Va. They feature works by artists of all types from around the state. Oh, and I have three paintings by an aunt.

    • Hey—I used to stop at Tamarack all the time on my way from North Carolina to Ohio to see family!!! So I know what you are talking about!!! It sounds like you are like me—you like to be surrounded by art by people you know and love or that have meaning!

  11. He did not CALL US IMAGINARY???? did he really…
    we are all real people –= just because we have never physically met doesn’t mean we aren’t the greatest of friends!

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