Technology–Love It or Leave It?

I saw a bit today on The Today Show about electronics and it kind of rang true with me.  My life is a mess mass of electronics.  They are everywhere.  I owe it all to the men in my life.  Bigger is better.  Newer is better.  More is better.  I have to be honest.  I have not refused.  I have the MacBook Air which I LOVE.  I have the iPhone which I LOVE.  I have the hand-me-down iPad which I LOVE.   I have the Kindle which I LOVE.  Aaron got me this really great thing for my birthday called the Jambox that allows me to stream music to this awesome speaker from my  phone. AMAZING!  I have a GPS which I LOVE.    But with these things come some issues.  You know what I am talking about—when they do not work like you want or need them to work.  The segment on the Today Show highlighted several that created issues for folks and I have to agree—-sometimes they don’t quite work.

Take the Autocorrect feature on my phone.  Oh yes….I have been very guilty of not double checking before I click “send”.  There have been some pretty memorable fails as a result.  Sometimes I talk about Thor (which was meant to be thot–that will teach me to abbreviate).  Some are just a little too racy to write down—all because I simply do not take the time to read before I send.  I need to start keeping a list like I do of Chrisism’s.

My GPS has saved me many times.  My husband still teases me about the pre-GPS days when we were taking a trip to visit some friends in Kentucky. What I heard on the phone was “go past exit such and such” and what I should have heard was “go to exit such and such”.  As a result we end up in a barnyard—no joke. The road got VERY skinny and cows and chickens were prevalent.  It was late, of course, because why would this happen in daylight?   We made it out alive but it was touch and go for a bit —it was Kentucky, after all.  I guess I would have heard “replanning, replanning” if I had had a GPS then.

The segment talked about those hotel swipe keys that never seem to work.  Oh yea.  Been there.  I always get 2 even if I am by myself because chances are there is one that will not work.  I have also followed in my husband’s footsteps and take the little folder that it comes in with the room number on it with me.  After one particular busy week of travel I could not for the life of me remember where I was and what room I was in when I returned to the hotel and had to have the desk clerk look it up for me.  Embarrassing?  About as much as when my hotel key dropped down that teeny tiny crack between the elevator door and the hallway.  Oh yes–the one in a million happened to me.

But maybe the one that hit a chord most strongly for me was when they talked about those verification codes on the computer that you have to fill in to make sure that you a human and not a computer.  ARGH!  Can I just say that I hate those?   I know that most blogs have to have some kind of filtering system before you can comment but I hate these.  I can never read those numbers and letters that are all scrunched up together in a wiggly wobbly fashion. Lately I have run across the 3 letters which are moving.  Now that I seem to be able to handle okay but some of those other ones are for the birds.  It makes me not want to continue on.  It makes me want to just abandon whatever I was doing especially after 2 or 3 incorrect tries.   Frustrating?? Yes with a capital Y.

So there you have it.  I am sure you can add to the list of things that drive you nuts in all things technology.  Please let me know what yours is!! As always—I’m listening!



  1. I hate those codes you have to type…sometimes the u looks like v or an s looks like an f…seriously, that’s the best they can come up with. And my eyesight is getting worse. I’ll never be able to comment on some blogs in twenty years.

  2. I am getting totally techno fried… Top of my list being my android phone. I started using a smart phone early one and used to love being able to check my work emails and stay on top of things. Now, since everyone uses one, it is now expected. I wrote a similar post last year…

    • We are all in the same boat! I love being able to communicate but I am afraid I am a tad too reliant on all of it! Heading over to check out your post—-I probably read it before and forgot it!!!

  3. Have to agree with you about auto-correct. More often than not it irritates me. I have 2 Kindles–as I like each for different reasons. When we moved to Haiti and didn’t have tv for a year, it was a huge adjustment for me. We are so spoiled. Great post, Beth Ann!

    • I left out my Kindle Fire which I got BEFORE the hand me over iPad. I still keep my Kindle because it is so great for outside. iPads and Kindle Fires don’t work for me so well in the sun! I know I am spoiled, too!!!

  4. I feel the same way you do. I LOVE technology and I hate it at times. But mostly love it. We just had a conversation about it the other day… How I never used to care and would roll my eyes when the hubby had to get a new this or that because it was the newest one in the line!!! Now it’s me! What have I come to… blogging just made it worse. 😉

  5. It was my understanding that those verification codes would distinguish a human from a monkey..Perhaps you are the missing link. lol
    When I was growing up the new inventions were aimed at adults, it seems technology has gotten even smarter and they target kids and let them grow with all the new devices.As you know if you have any problems with the stuff…You go to a kid, ie. the son, the daughter, the Geek Squad, etc.

  6. You hotel key escapades make me laugh. Good post.

    • Oh it was epic. Trust me. All the while when the Harlem Globetrotters were checking into the hotel so I sat in the lobby awhile and waited ….and waited….and waited.

  7. I love technology–until it goes awry. I’m still waiting for something that will clean the whole house at the touch of a button…

  8. I tweeted it out, but speaking of technology, I’m doing this from an iPad in a car going 70mph over bumpy pavement. I didn’t “mention” you in the tweet because I took the easy way out and just used your handy little share feature without modification. 😉

  9. I think, with technology, we can apply the same analogy rules Rogers does to poker: You gotta know when to hold them….and know when to fold them; know when to walk away, and know when to run….” 🙂

  10. Helen Brown says:

    I am always having something go wrong on my computer. Recently I emailed my daughter as I could not find how to get to a certain place and she helped me find it. Yesterday my computer would not come on so I called a friend and he told me what to do. I am glad to have people that know more about computers than I do. I am not the smartest computer user in Copland!

  11. Technology is driving me crazy! I’m now the owner of way too many products smarter than me. My hubby just bought a smart tv…now, I am undone! It takes me all my free time just to learn how to work the phone, computer, tv, etc….I need a personal home technologist!

    • I just get one thing figured out and then the hubby upgrades!!! I have to learn it all over again!!! It kind of drives me nuts! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!!

  12. Just lately I’ve been getting a lot of those codes to make sure you’re a human because I am doing my darndest to get caught up. Hence I’m using my PC, my laptop (which was my husband’s old laptop before he got the new & shiny version), as well as my work PC (on my breaks of course) to try to read blogs. Because I’m using so many different machines & email addresses, I’m confusing the crap out of WordPress.

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