24 and Counting

It’s birthday time again! This time it is Aaron who celebrates big number 24 today!!!  Love you, Aaron!!! Please indulge a momma her slide show of memories!!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. Happy Birthday Aaron! Loved the slide show…isn’t it funny how time flies. I wonder where my Cabbage Patch kid is. And I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

    • Time does fly. We Skyped with him for over an hour last night and all I could think was how far he has come since he was that little preemie!!! He is a good guy, that is for sure, and has made us proud!

  2. Happy birthday! What a cutie who is now so handsome…

    • Thanks, Hilary, for indulging a mom! I love my boys and am very proud of them. And yes—he was and is a cutie ….when he shaves!!! 🙂

  3. Amy Prentice says:

    Happy Birthday Aaron! I remember the day he was born! Doesn’t seem possible that was 24 years ago! Great slide show Beth Ann.

  4. Mary Ellen says:

    I love seeing the pictures of Aaron. Even though we never lived in the same place after our oldest boys were born, I still have a lot of good memories of Aaron because of the great pictures you took along the way. Thanks for sharing. Mary Ellen

    • Thanks, Mary Ellen!! I feel like I know Carolyn because you did the same!! I ran across some pics you had sent the other day of your two…how time flies!

  5. Happy birthday, Aaron!
    The choice of pictures for the slideshow are wonderful, Beth Ann.

  6. AWWWWWWW, Mom..Happy Birthday to Aaron.

  7. Beth Ann, love the slide show… it warms my mother’s heart. I hope, my kids will indulge me like this when they are older. Really, they won’t have a choice. A great day to have a birthday!!! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Aaron.

  8. Ah, what sweet photos. I especially love the one of him blowing on the dandelion. Happy birthday, Aaron.

    • He was a cutie, that is for sure, and that is probably my favorite one of him when he was little besides the scarecrow one. I remember the day it was taken in my mom and dad’s backyard!

  9. Helen Brown says:

    I loved the pictures of Aaron from his early years to his grown up ones. I had a favorite. The one of him pushing his grandpa in the wheelchair at Lakeside. He wanted to push grandpa. It brings back memories, happy and sad.

  10. Enjoyed the photos–Happy Birthday, Aaron!

  11. What a precious collection of great memories for you! Loved the cute pictures of your son growing up. I’m sure you raised a fine young man and hope he has a very happy birthday and lots of more good years ahead!

    • Thanks, Karen! We have two fine young men—not quite sure we always knew what we were doing but we loved them and that seems to have set the tone!

  12. Happy birthday Aaron…those photos are lovely and he has wonderful mother 🙂

  13. Cute. Cute. Cute. I was going to start commenting on favorite pix, but then realized I couldn’t because so many are just delightful. Happy birthday to your 24-year-old, your precious Aaron. (I also have a 24-year-old, a daughter.) As they say in my home area of southwestern Mn., “Many more birthdays!”

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