Wordless Wednesday

Sign in the bathroom at the library……I am thinking there must have been an “incident”…..


  1. hmmm… I think you are right….Isn’t it amazing what people do to make us have to revert to signs?

    • I know. I think they probably left a few activities off it though so maybe those will still be occurring…..Like filling up water bottles or maybe hair washing…..

  2. I love finding signs like this that are so unexpected.

  3. Ha! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who takes pictures of strange bathroom signs and blogs about them. Here’s a picture of one I found…


    (just ignore the rambling post and focus on the picture)

  4. We have these types of ‘incidents’ at our library, too, but we try to limit the number of signs we post because it seems like nobody reads them.

    • I think that after awhile too many signs just get ignored. Kind of like in church kitchens—everyone has their hot spot and need to post a sign about it and then the whole place is wallpapered in signs!!!

  5. I suspect perhaps homeless people have used it for those purposes before.

  6. For every NO sign there has been an event of one type or another..Guaranteed. lol
    I’ve seen signs that could more easily have said what you CAN do..

  7. bet there’s some interesting security camera footage behind that sign! LOL
    my wordless and never really wordless. that’s too much pressure 🙂

  8. These kinds of signs are priceless–and, in fact, worth a million words! Sad to see a sign like this obviously directed at the homeless. There’s a huge subtext associated with this one!

  9. Notice how the sign is laminated… Good pic!

  10. Interesting. I sure would like to know the story behind this sign. You always have the most interesting WW posts. 🙂

  11. Helen Brown says:

    The sign is interesting and I am sure there is an interesting story that caused someone to put up such a sign.

  12. Cool sign 🙂
    but it won’t work here…some public restrooms are used for bathing.

    • See!!! It just goes to show that behaviors in one culture may not be the same in others and to your culture this sign would not make any sense and be offensive!!! Thanks for commenting!

  13. pattisj says:

    I imagine people who have nowhere else, or the means to go elsewhere do what they can in a public building, such as the library. Kind of sad to think about the reason for the sign.

  14. Now where am I supposed to shave!

  15. It’s too bad there is a need for such a sign. Thanks Beth Ann

  16. This is hilarious!

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