Teapot Tuesday

This one came from my hubby!!!!  I adore it!!!  It is a Magnum from the potter in North Carolina and I had it on my wish list and surprise!!!!  Perfect late birthday present that I got on a particularly cruddy day so it cheered me up!



  1. That is just a happy and cozy looking teapot. Great husband you have 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful. I love the way you set up the shot, too. Thought of you yesterday. Saw this really cute one cup teapot with a scene from Peter Rabbit painted on it at Barnes and Noble. I had half a mind to snatch it up and send it to you! If I wasn’t busy running after Little One I would have taken a pic. 🙂

    • Thanks!!!! I wondered what that little tingle was that I felt yesterday and now I know it was you thinking about me! The teapot sounds adorable! Thanks for thinking of me!!!

  3. Gorgeous. I especially love this against the graphic black and white background. Have a great day, my friend.

  4. Helen Brown says:

    Good morning. Another beautiful teapot. Have a great day and enjoy your teapots.

  5. What? Little miss, “the teapot is always half-full” had a cruddy day? That’s unthinkable!! lol There’s another fifty cents for the cause..haaahaaa.

  6. Nice! Both the teapot and the husband! 🙂

  7. I Love this one too!
    and the picture with it in front of those pillows is great!

  8. Nice job with the photo background. I love the teapot.

    • I took it outside!!! Finally the weather is decent enough to do that!!! I am not that great at staging teapot photos though I am trying to get better!

  9. lovely. and awesome how you have displayed it for us. I so want to come for tea one day! haha

    • Please do !!! I will start the water now!!! And you can pick which teapot you want me to brew it in!!! 🙂 Oh –but wait until I get back home since I am in Jacksonville right now with my son!!! 🙂

  10. This one reminds me of a candy cane and peppermint!

  11. Beautiful 🙂
    I like how you decide to put it under the sunlight…makes it like a shiny thing

    • I know!!! I really need to concentrate on taking better pictures of them but some of the time the weather has not been conducive!! Thanks!

  12. Such a cute teapot 🙂 !

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