Wordless Wednesday

What?  You didn’t get the memo that it is Sit In Your Wastepaper Basket Day????



  1. This photo sums up why I adore cats…you never know what they will do.

    • You are so totally right. This one is the independent, it has to be my idea to be loved one. My other one is always ready for some snuggles and is always looking for a lap.

  2. ahh…. what a cute shot! dont you love when they get themselves in those little spots?

  3. They are adorable for sure.

  4. Ha ha ha. That’s just too funny. She’s so pretty. Lover her coloring. My Finn sat in a gift bag the other day but she took off when she saw me with the camera!!!

    • They love to just do the silliest things sometimes. Holly is always squishing her fat body into small spots. For a long time she would sleep on top of the satellite box because it was warm when the tv was on but it was a really tight fit!

  5. Zoo Zoo, my 2 year old daughter is going crazy at this picture! she just adores cats. especially silly cats like Holly she says. LOL

  6. This is priceless, Beth Ann. What a calico cutie!

  7. Careful she doesn’t get tossed out with the trash! Sometimes one has to wonder why kitties do the things they do. 🙂 I imagine she brought a smile to your face, she did mine.

  8. Aww, so cute!!

  9. Hahaha very funny!! it won the funniest photo I have seen this week 😉

  10. Awww. How’s the little guy who’s been sick doing?

    • He is actually doing pretty well. Goes to the vet in a couple weeks and will know more then but he is very active and though his breathing is still faster than his sister’s he seems to have adapted. Thanks for asking!

  11. Helen Brown says:

    It seems cats have a special desire to be in baskets, boxes or anything they have to squeeze in. Remember when Peek had her kittens in your Dad’s study in the waste paper basket? I like the picture.

  12. Hey can’t a girl have a little privacy here? Puhleaase. You’re turning me into a basket case..

  13. Very cute! Love it.

  14. A with a dorable!
    If you love cats, be sure to checkout

  15. Susanna says:

    Such a cute pic! What a lovely cat!

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