Etsy Love

Most of you are probably familiar with Etsy—a great website where you can find practically anything that artists and creative folks make.  I have shopped on Etsy for a long time now and found so many great things for my home and for gifts.  I have gotten to know some really wonderful folks through my contacts there and thought that today I would highlight a few of my favorite shops!!!  Click on each highlighted link to visit each shop—-these are just a small sampling—there are so many that I have used but these are the ones I have decided to highlight today.

Garden Knicknacks  I have gotten 2 great items from these talented ladies—a teapot totem and teapot windchimes!! They are great to work with and have really great unique items! 

McCrenshaw’s Newest Knits  I met Alicia through a blogging buddy and LOVE her products.  She is a creative and talented lady who uses recycled yarn and mesh to make fabulous dishcloths, towels and other items for your home.  My kitties were testers of her cat toys and it has become their favorite!!! Her prices are so reasonable and she is just a wonderful person on top of it and will do custom orders. 

Beach Glass Memories  I bought a beautiful heart necklace with a bit of beach glass from Lake Erie from this shop—always nice to have a connection to something beautiful!

Budgalee Cards Bernie creates the most incredible cards!  I love each and every one that she has in her shop and have purchased several even though I make cards of my own.  Hers are funny and witty and always make me laugh.  

Camp Honeybelle  Nina finds all of those vintage items that others overlook and offers them for sale in her great shop.  Her items are unique and most likely will trigger some memories of days gone by!

I have to add another favorite shop that is not on Etsy but is well worth a stop or a click!   Check out Diane’s jewelry at Cinnamon Sage Boutique.  She has some of the best jewelry and I have bought probably 5 pieces from her over the past year or so which I love. The latest one was this beautiful necklace below!!! 

Don’t forget my journal giveaway!!!  Check out this post to see what I am talking about and leave a comment to be entered into the drawing for a journal of your choice!!!


  1. Wow, Beth Ann, I LOVE the teapot totem. That’s one of the cuties things I’ve seen in ages. I look forward to checking out some of these artists–and I need to get my own stuff on Etsy. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time. Have you seen my quilted Christmas tree ornaments? I did a post about them in early December. Hope you have a great day, my friend.

  2. I have never gone on Etsy… I have been afraid to, but I am thinking I should. My mom is a knitting fiend, and this might be a great way for her to sell a few things…

    • Oh Hilary—she absolutely should!!!! There are so many great shops and I don’t think it is that difficult to open one up. I am sure any of the sellers I listed would be happy to give some pointers!

  3. That teapot totem is so you! I love that there is a place like Etsy for people to sell their unique items. I’ll have to check some of these out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Helen Brown says:

    I love your teapot totem. You have more teapots than I have bunnies but isn’t it fun?

  5. Thank you for pimping my shop!! I have not had a chance to update it. I hope to soon! This made my morning!!

  6. Alicia C. says:

    Wow! What a great surprise to see my shop on your post, Beth Ann. I’m happy to hear that your kitties are still n love with their toy 🙂 Thank you for all of the nice things you’ve said, too. I’m very grateful!

  7. pattisj says:

    Thanks for sharing. Especially love the Garden Knicknacks.

  8. My sister is an avid totem maker. She now has me stacking cute things on top of one another. It’s addictive.

  9. (I may wind up costing you a lot in comment money)


  1. […] wonders of Etsy before and have shared with you all of the wonderful shops that I have found –especially on this post.  Well, wonder of all wonders–I found yet another shop to add to my favorites and add […]

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