Wordless Wednesday



  1. Chess love.

  2. wow, that is a cool shot…

  3. You always find the most interesting things to photograph. Check mate!!! 🙂

  4. love these! a resort we went to last summer had one of these life size chessboards. Hubby knows how to play, but not myself. the kids and I just had fun re-arranging them like you did. true chess players are probably cringing – LOL

  5. Very cute! Just what we all need … more love in the world 🙂
    Beth Ann, could you send me your e-mail? I havan’t forgotten, I will explain.\

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Awww. That shot makes me happy.

  7. Helen Brown says:

    Those are really big chessboards. I don’t play chess but your Dad did if he had someone who could play.

  8. I’m sure happy that you didn’t take that photo after dark, they may have been horizontal..lol

  9. I love this and I don’t even play chess!

  10. Okay, it’s take me all day to get here, but I’m glad I didn’t miss this one. What a fun photo, Beth Ann! Hope you have a great evening

  11. Really cool!

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