Mr. Happy Man = Happiness

Video from KarmaTube



  1. I could use him next to my coffee maker this morning. it’s refusing to brew again……me, I’m brewing! LOL
    however, it has given me the chance to use my Robin Hood Sadler teapot to make a pot of tea in lieu of coffee. so I guess it’s not so bad afterall.

    • Oh no….no Sunday morning coffee???? I am very glad you have your trusty teapot–perhaps if you make it really strong it will be an okay substitute!!!

  2. I was stationed in Bermuda for about a year and a half, 1970-1972 but I never had the pleasure of seeing him.. Wonderful video Beth Ann thanks for the memories and the message.

  3. What an amazing man and a precious gift. A perfect post for Sunday morning, Beth Ann. Hope you have a peaceful Sunday.

  4. Helen Brown says:

    A very good video. We all have gifts and he is using his gift by giving love to people he does not even know and it helps them through some hard times.

  5. It’s not loading for me. 😦

  6. Ok, I reloaded the page and it worked! What a wonderful man! Thanks for sharing.

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