Wordless Wednesday

I’m Snuggly!!!!!   

Image from British Antarctic Survey


  1. OMG, what a cutie, Beth Ann! Happy Wednesday to you, my friend.

  2. Cuddly.

  3. that is beyond cute! Love that little guy!

  4. I love penguins! I accidentally took an 8 minute video of them at the zoo in Omaha, and wasn’t too happy about it at the time. But it’s nice to have it now. smile…..

  5. I WANT one!!!! do you thnk the dogs would mind?

  6. Ohhhhhhh, too cute, and “snuggly” is the perfect word..Thanks for sharing.

  7. oh, I bet he is!
    penguins are my very favourite! I used to have about 20 different stuffed ones, or soapstone carvings done by local Natives. So cute.

  8. Helen Brown says:

    Penguins are one of my favorites also. I love the movies of them as they seem so human.

  9. So, so adorable. I love penguins. Middle daughter was able to pet a penguin a few years ago when we took a behind the scenes tour of Sea World. It was amazing.

  10. So cute!

    Have a great WW

  11. My one girlfriend is totally obsessed with Penguins. She is going to squeal with delight when she see this. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Aw, that is so cute!!

  13. This guy is just adorable & perfect for Wordless Wednesday!

  14. I love it!! Do you think he’s doing the macarena in his head? 🙂
    Following you. Happy WW!

    Wordless Wednesday: Croque Monsieur in Paris
    Play the game: What’s your favorite food-city combination?

  15. aw…yes you are!!!

  16. One week late… But guess what: it’s Wednesday again! 😉
    Happy Wednesday, and nice to meet you, Beth Ann.

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