Teapot Tuesday!!!

Today’s teapot has a twist……not only is it an adorable smiley teapot it is a birdfeeder! That’s right, an adorable bird feeder.  I really want a teapot like this so if anyone out there finds one PLEASE let me know.  I have been unsuccessful in my search up until now!   But at least my birdies will be happy!   And all of my teapot posts will now be in the tab at the top so you can go back and view every single cotton pickin last one of them now!!!!

A fork serves as a perch!

I bought this cutie from Sandy at her Etsy shop.  Check it out—she had some great stuff!!



  1. That’s just the cutest… I wouldn’t want to hang it outside for the birds though… but then again it would be cute to get a picture of one in there!!! 🙂

  2. I’ll keep an eye out in London…and if I find it, you can visit and bring it home 🙂 Or I could ship, but then you wouldn’t be able to visit. I bet they have some incredible teapots in the gift shop at Kensington Palace or other palaces.

  3. So cherry and welcoming. Who wouldn’t want to drink tea from that pot?

    By the way, the new blog look is fantastic.

    • Thank you!!!! I am really happy with the way it turned out and am finally satisfied. It took awhile! 🙂 And I think I am getting a cool blog header for my birthday….sources have told me.

  4. Very cute. Are you going to put it outside?

  5. Helen Brown says:

    What a cute teapot feeder. You had better hide it from your sister.

  6. How cute, Beth Ann. And a birdfeed, as well. Great combination. Do your birds prefer black tea or green? LOL

  7. that is too cute! I love it. I would definitely put it outside….but up high away from my kids!
    I’m back on my regular widescreen monitor now and it looks like you changed your site design? very nice. like it mucho. So happy I’m not still on my tiny screened laptop and can really see it.

  8. I know your feathered friends will love this one!

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