The New Cause

This month has been fabulous for Comments for a Cause.  Even though WordPress has instituted some weird changes that have made it difficult for folks to leave comments at times you guys hung in there and made 418 comments.  Add to the personal emails and comments on Facebook that I received and I am happy to say that $225 will be going to the Humane Society of North Iowa for the month of March.   Way to go!!!

I have a special cause for April.  Seems that I always find just the right one to donate to at some point in the month prior and this month is no exception. This “cause” is a little different than most of my previous ones but it is one that I am hoping you will all rally behind.   When Chris and I were in college at Ohio Northern University we had various churches that we attended.   One of these churches was Ada First United Methodist Church.  It was within walking distance and since ONU is a UM related university it was the place that a lot of professors and students attended.   My grandparents retired in Ada and made First UMC their home church.  My parents were married there.  Chris and I attended there.  Chris’s sister and her family and now his brother, Carlton, are members there. So it was with much sadness that I watched the news unfold of the fire that destroyed that 100+ year old church on March 13th.   The fire took out what was one of the landmarks of that little village and with it a lot of history.   The congregation is currently meeting in the chapel at ONU (where Chris and I got married almost 30 years ago) and is in the the long arduous process of discerning what their next building will be.   It is a time of dreaming and visioning for them and one that will most likely take some time.  In the meantime funds have been established to help with the rebuilding. Certainly insurance will cover a good deal of the cost but there are always those things that will not be included and my Comments for a Cause this month will go toward those things.   100% of my April donation will go to Ada First UMC to help with exactly those things.

There was much coverage of the fire and pictures that break my heart.  Suffice it to say this fire touched a lot of lives. So when you comment this month just remember that your comments will help rebuild a building—the “church” is always there and it is not dependent upon a physical building but your comments will help with providing the physical structure that was lost.  Thank you!



  1. It is always so sad when a historical building burns down. Especially a church where so many generations have attended.
    Hope you will get many comments to help with whatever is needed.

  2. I can’t imagine what you felt when you heard the news….How heartbreaking…

    • My sister in law texted me when it was happening so I had my computer up trying to get news reports and there was so little for so long…it was very frustrating and I was hoping that they could save some but it went up so fast and the fire was so hot it was all they could do to just keep the surrounding houses from burning too. So sad.

  3. That’s just terrible. Especially with something that has so much of a personal connection for you and your family. I’m sure you will receive many comments this month to help with raising money for this cause. I’m also happy that the Humane Society received a good chunk of money. I love the humane societies across the US… I will never get an animal anywhere else!!!!

  4. $225 is awesome, great job! 🙂

  5. I didn’t realize all the history your family has with this church. Thanks for helping them out, and letting us participate.

  6. So sorry to hear about the church, but thank God you are taking up the cause this month–great one, Beth Ann!

  7. Wow, 418 comments is wonderful! Good for you and the Humane society! Hope you do as well next month to help with those expenses for the church.

  8. I just saw your comment on Facebook regarding your new blog design. How did I miss this earlier?? Love the red accents!

  9. Helen Brown says:

    I am so pleased that ONU will get your comment money this week. Our family is connected by 5 generations who were graduates of Ohio Northern University.

  10. Becky Miracle says:

    Great choice. I had mentioned the fire at church and found that a couple who started attending there graduated from ONU and had attended church there and lived only a couple streets away….(He says way before YOUR time! LOL) They were interested in seeing pictures and I was going to print some and had forgotten, so your timing was perfect. I was able to show them your blog and they got to watch the video. Can’t wait for the final total !

  11. It is so sad to see such a devastating loss to a community as well as with ties to so many generations of your family. Hope you have many, many commenters this month & raise lots of money for the extras insurance doesn’t cover.

  12. Jen Pace says:

    i love this idea! i might have to steal it 🙂


  1. […] after the devastating fire that destroyed their building.   If you missed the post about it you can read all about it here.  I am confident that over the next couple of years they will grow stronger as a faith community as […]

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