Teapot Tuesday!!!!!

I ordered this set a few months back from FAB.com (another one of my addictions) and I love it!!  I brought it back to Iowa from Ohio this past weekend and unpacked it for the first time and was so excited because it is so beautiful!!!  It comes with 4 cups and little teapot shaped plates—-perfect for a couple little chocolates or tea cookies!!!   Now I need to have a little tea party and use them!!!



  1. I love the color!

  2. Can I come to the tea party, please? I would love some cookies on one of those cute plates!!! 🙂

  3. I think I’ve mentioned my tea addiction to you. Now when I order tea in London, they serve it in a little teapot and each time I think of you. Yours are way cooler though.

  4. Those little plates are darling! Hope your Tuesday is happy, my friend.

  5. Beautiful, and I love FAB too!

  6. My favorite color!

  7. We’ve been enjoying Girl Scout cookies at our place recently so when I read tea cookies I automatically thought Thin Mints…mmmmmm…delicious combination.

  8. Helen Brown says:

    What a beautiful set to have a small tea party.

  9. That’s a pretty red, Beth Ann. The shaped plates add a nice touch.

  10. I like it–especially with cookies!

  11. This teapot looks so simple compared to your other teapot

  12. Another beautiful set. Love the color.

  13. I bet tea looks lovely in that cup with the white inside and red outside – very nice set.

  14. I love the teapots tab. It’s fun to scroll down and see them all together.

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