Xlerators Make Me Exhilarated!

I am back with internet accessibility again!  YAY!   After a week on the road I am glad to be back with wifi!   My mom is doing fine (thank you ALL for all of the concern), I managed to load the car up and bring back a ton of stuff from my father in law’s house and the bonus was I came back a day early and was able to see my sweet hubby for one night before he flew out this morning.   Our Critter Sitter did great giving Buddy his Rutin and today as he lays on my lap his breathing seems to be (keeping my fingers crossed) not as labored so I am holding out hope that he is going to beat this chylothorax after all.  Time will tell.

Driving as much as I did over the past week allowed me the opportunity to visit various rest areas along the way.  TMI, I know!!!   But one of the things that I get excited about is seeing what kind of hand dryers they have.   My favorite are those Xlerators that have so much power it could knock you into next week if you aren’t careful.   They blow the skin on my hand so hard that the skin puckers up and looks like it is going to fly off.  You know what I am talking about!!!!  Don’t you????   What if I could have a whole body Xlerator???? It would blow all of the extra flab and fat off and then I would have  the svelte and sleek body that I dream of.

Image from Chan4Chan.com

Not that I would want to walk around with that look all of the time —just the after effect of having all the extra “stuff” blown off of me.  So I am thinking and doing some research…..of course if I installed one in my house it would have to be this model because it comes in red…..

I may have to think about this……I think it could be a tax deduction, don’t you, because it is a home improvement.  Or maybe I could use our FSA account to pay for it—it would be a health expense.   And this one looks as if you can personalize it…oh the things I could put on it!!!!   The plain white model runs around $425 so I guess I had better start saving up now!!!!



  1. They put those in one of the branch libraries when they remodeled so we’d use fewer paper towels, but everyone complained because they’re so loud you can hear them even with the bathroom doors shut. Our fabulous maintenance guys had to tweak them so they would be less powerful and less noisy for library use!

    • That is so funny!!! Shhhhhh…it is a library after all!!! We don’t have them in our library I don’t think. I will have to check! But we have a common area with a coffee place where conversation is encouraged and the bathrooms are close so maybe if they did have them they wouldn’t be as big of a distraction! The ones I really love are the ones in airports by Dyson that you put your hands down into…..awesomeness!

  2. I am way behind in my blog reading. I see I have some catching up to do with you. Sorry I missed whatever event you alluded to in this post. I’m glad you made it home in time to say good-bye.

    • I am soooooo behind on blog reading, Christine, so please do not worry!!! My mom fell when I was there and fortunately no broken bones! Whew. I know you can identify!!! Don’t worry about catching up—-I feel snowed under about now with that!!! 🙂

  3. Helen Brown says:

    Do you think the hand blower that packs a lot of air would get rid of all my wrinkles? If they would, I’m in line!

  4. Hahaha! This is a crack up Beth Ann! I am on board for the Xlerator wrinkle remover. We have one of these at a local restaurant. Problem is that the restroom is so teeny that when you turn the X on, it about blows us into the street! 😀

  5. I’m with you., though my plan would be for it to blow all my wrinkles to the back so nobody would have to look at them. But, of course, I would have to constantly face a person for it to work. I can’t imagine what my back side would look like with all of my wrinkles stack up on it. Surely there is an easier answer … and no, I don’t go for botox … have you seen all of the puffy lipped movie stars, Ugh. I guess I will just settle for how I am … it is what’s inside that counts, right?

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Haha!!! I hear ya about the puffy lipped movie stars. I keep trying to get my hair like Lisa Rinna but I always tell the stylist—like her but NOT like her lips!!! 🙂 Great idea to blow it all to the back…It would make it interesting getting from point A to point B if we were always trying to avoid showing our backs to folks…..

  6. Glad you made it home okay, and it’s great to hear Buddy is doing well–not to mention your mom.

    Turning 50 today, I need all the wrinkle removal I can get!

    By the way, don’t worry about catching up with blog reading. I love it whenever you’re able to stop by.


  7. my kids go bonkers for these things. I think they ask to go to potty when we are out in public just in hopes the restroom will have one. Can you imagine if I put one in my own bathroom? they’d never come out.

  8. I used one in an airport for the first time… It scared the living $%*! out of me.. .I hated it!

  9. I have a life size picture of you standing in front of a dryer trying to dry your entire body!!!

  10. Yes, you know those red pigments are much more expensive!

  11. Do you have any memory of what Ohio rest stops offered in the 60’s, and possibly into the 70’s? An incredibly smelly pit-toilet, and if there was water at all, it was at a hand-pumped well, well away from the outhouse. How far we’ve come…

    • Yes,as a matter of fact I do remember them and they were down right disgusting. I also remember using the outhouse at Grandma and Grandpa’s…..

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