Second Chance

One of my very favorite songs  is “When It’s All Been Said and Done” as performed by Robin Mark. In fact right now I have a song headache because it keeps going through my mind.  Not only is the melody memorable but the words speak volumes.   The gist of the song is that there is only one thing that matters in life when the day is done.  The line that is repeated is “Did I do my best to live for truth, did I live my life for You?”.  It  hits me hard every time I hear it or sing it.  It makes me sit back and re-evaluate my life and my daily actions.

We have so many choices that bombard us daily.  We embark on a myriad of tasks and adventures that are planned and unplanned each and every day.  There really is so much that can happen in a day that we have little or no control over when you get right down to it but our response is what we do have control over.   When we are hit by things that are unpredictable our immediate reaction is what the folks around us are going to remember.  Will they remember that our reaction was less than Christ-like or will they recall that we responded to it with grace and mercy?   Hopefully as we grow and mature in our faith we will learn to react to difficult situations with Christ-like behavior.

Yesterday as I checked  out at one of my favorite stores and the cashier did not greet me, did not acknowledge me or say one single word to me during the entire transaction.   Since I could use the machine to process my debit card I guess there was no need for conversation.   Even when I picked up my numerous bags (why can I NEVER get out of there for less than $50?) she did not say a word!!!  So I looked at her and said “thank you” to which she did not respond at all.  I was astonished!!!   As I walked out to the car the couple that was behind me in line caught up with me and told me that she didn’t speak to them either and that they had made a big deal of saying thank you as they left but still no response.

So was I showing Christ-like behavior when I thanked that cashier?  Probably not because most likely I had a sarcastic tone in my voice but I would like to think that a simple polite exchange in a department store would be an avenue to do the right thing and show Christ’s love in some way.  Perhaps I should have really tried to engage her in conversation.  Perhaps I should have taken a more active role and taken more interest in her instead of the bags I was packing into my too full cart.   But maybe next time…..maybe next time I will remember the words of that song and really try to live my outward life in a way that it demonstrates Christ and shows that I am living daily for Him.  As a matter of fact I think I need something from that store tonight so maybe she will be working again and I will have a second chance at doing the right thing.   One can only hope that we get second chances at things that we don’t do well the first time around.


  1. I wonder if the Cashier had a lot on her mind and was just wrapped up in that. Maybe she had a problem she was dealing with at that particular moment.
    We’re all human.

    • You are so right and “I” was probably wrapped up in “me” at the time, too! She probably had a lot going on and I was not understanding of that! 😦

  2. I find this happens more in London. Good luck getting her to open up. She might need a few kind words. I used to work as a cashier and sometimes after a rough transaction I just wanted to climb in a hole. Don’t give up on kindness.

  3. This may be one of Sean’s favorite songs. I am pretty sure the actual acknowledgment of that cashier as a human being was a Christ-like thing to do. Your post reminded me of this song, so I will leave you with it:

  4. I love your heart, Beth Ann! Truly, you are dear–and this post proves it.

  5. My guess is you don’t need many second chances … You get it right the first time. There is no way of knowing what the cashier was thinking about, but I’ll bet your “Thank You” was a welcomed breath of fresh air.

    Andrea @ From the sol

  6. Perhaps a call/note to the store manager to inform them that perhaps, at least one of their cashiers is in need of a “Dale Carnegie” make-over!! That is just bad for business, and I’m sure they would like to know of your experience, I would if it was my store…I think Christ would approve, if done in a Christian manner…

    • I imagine it could be done in the correct way but at the moment I was not really thinking about that!! But yes—some lessons might be in order!

      • If that Cashier was habitually unpleasant a call to the store manager would be appropriate. But if you only have experienced that one time it would not be Christian like to report her. I am also sure that the Managers keep an eye on their employees and habitual unpleasantness would not go unnoticed. Give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she had a bad problem that made her absentminded.

  7. Thanks Beth Ann for this beautiful reminder. Being more Christ-like is easy-peasy when everyone is nice! Folks like that cashier are opportunities for us to step up and follow what God wants us to do and you did just that friend! 🙂

    • Thanks, Paula. Not sure that the sarcasm that dripped from my voice was very good…..but it makes me think that next time I need to understand more what that person might be experiencing that day.

  8. Helen Brown says:

    I have a friend who always says “God bless you” to the cashier when he leaves. I don’t know what reactions he gets but I am sure he is the kind of person who says it in a way that makes the cashier feel better.

    • I love that George does that and I love that I know him!!! And I am sure you are right—he says it in the right way and they DO feel blessed!

  9. This is a very nice song, Beth Ann. I’ve never heard it before. Thank you.

  10. That is a great song, Beth Ann. I like the whole cd of his. I’ve had cashiers (not usually in dept stores) that totally ignored me, even when I tried to start conversation. It’s hard to tell what this person’s issues are, we have no way of knowing what life has dealt them. Let your little light shine. 🙂

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