Putting on the Crown Again

Another award!!! This one came from RoryBore and what a great blog she has over here! She is the mama of 3 and has a lot of great things to say—and not just about kids !!! I found her through a couple of other blogger friends and she is a great commenter which all us bloggers love!!! Thanks for the great award!! I love it!!!

Rules say I must pass on to 15 other bloggers – you know I am breaking it.

I also got another award from my buddy Jake over at Poems and Ponderings!!! He awarded me the 7 x 7 blog link award and the rules are: 1.) Reveal 7 things about myself, that are not known to you. 2.) Place up 7 of my favorite links. And 3.) Pass on the award to 7 more bloggers. So since I have done several of these award things over the past few weeks I am just going to pass on the rules but I will give you 7 more things that you may not know about me and leave it at that. Thanks Jake, for thinking of me!!!!

Things you need to know about me—-really??
1. I chipped my front tooth when I was 6 or 7 when I was fighting with my brother Chris over a flyswatter. I had a chipped front tooth until after I got my braces off when I was in high school and then was able to get it bonded .

2. We had two hamsters when the boys were growing up and one cannibalized the other one. We then referred to that hamster as Hannibal Lamster.

3. My cat growing up was named Peek—short for Peek A Boo. She got her tail caught in car door and had to have it removed so she just had this little hairless stub for most of her life but she was THE best cat ever.

4. I used to cross stitch like a fiend but haven’t picked anything up for probably 5 years to do.

5. The only famous person I can actually say that I have met is John Glenn.

6. I am a Mac user——will never go back to a PC. Ever.

7. I gave birth to two genius sons. I really did.


  1. I , too, chipped my tooth as a kid, but I was not having a killer, flyswatter fight. Sounds exciting compared to my lame stumble and fall.

    Congrats on the award, Beth Ann.


    • Really???? Well, to add to the drama it was one of the rare times when we had a babysitter and I think it pretty much traumatized her. But I never liked her anyway….hahahaha. My brother felt pretty badly about it…

  2. Wow, another reason not to let my kids have hamsters or any kind of rodent. I don’t think it would go over to well with the cat either!!!! My kids school runs on Macs only. They are integrating I pads to use instead of text books. Of course, now we keep thinking of switching over but hubby is a die hard PC user.

    • Yes, the whole cannibal hamster thing was pretty traumatic…I wouldn’t recommend it. On a lighter note–the one that was left moved with us to NC. He died while we were living in temporary housing and I put him in the freezer until we closed on our house so that we could have a proper burial…..I had forgotten all about that till right now.

  3. Hannible Lamster … that is a hoot. My two supposed to be female hamsters turned out to be a mating pair … and then there were 8. I think I would have preferred Hannible Lamster. Have you ever tried to give away 6 baby hamsters?

    I think it is great that you have two geniius boys. I can tell you are very proud.

    Congratulations on two awards. I am just getting to know your blog, but I can see already that you deserve them.

    Andrea @From The Sol

    • Wow–no—we did not have that issue with ours–I think they were both same sex but who knows! So glad to get to know you!!! I love meeting new folks and following new blogs. I apologize for not commenting more on yours–I will change that!

  4. If you keep this up, your Tuesday blog is going to have to be…”Teapots and Tiaras” lol. You deserve all the awards you get…and then some (without all the rules, of course)

  5. Congrats! I like the teapots and tiaras suggestion!

  6. Love the hamster name! I did the same thing with cross-stitch; but I recently ordered a piece online to experiment with other embroidery stitches. Haven’t done any of that in years, either. Looking forward to a needle and thread again. Congrats on your new awards!

  7. You are really pulling in the trophies. I enjoyed reading your facts. I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch too. I have a half-finished last supper. The feet just aren’t nearly as interesting as the heads and clothing. I did stitch several little bread napkins for the young women in our lives.

  8. That was for last Christmas.

  9. Hannible Lamster… I’ve never heard that one! I sure wish that I had been the one to come up with THAT name…

    My memory of Peek is the same as yours. I don’t know that she got her tail caught in a car door, though; I think it was an unknown event, probably a steel trap she wandered into (unless I was shielded from the actual event). I was there when Father cut off the horribly skinned tail at, interestingly, Hannible (Ohio)! It was a memorable enough event that it has stayed with me. He used pruning shears… It wasn’t pretty, but Peek took it, like the professional she was.

    By the way, Peek’s food bowl said “Peak.” That has always bothered me. Someone made a spelling error, because I know that her original name was “Peek-a-Boo.” Paula named her, by the way… Best pet ever, she was smart, knowing to look both ways before crossing the street (as so many of her offspring did not pick up on), affectionate but reserved, knowing exactly when to approach for attention, and when to remain in the background.

    Do you have the memory of when you came back to the house, in North Fairfield, and the garbage can lid was off of the can? That always signaled, to me, that another Peek offspring had met it’s demise, and that Father was burying it in the garden (using the garbage can lid as a hearse to transport it)? The road out front claimed quite a few, but also the sliding garage doors… I usually dealt with that pretty well, except when my very favorite Peek offspring got run over on the road (Pumpernickle). I sort of had a hard time with that one, he was my special favorite…

    • Well I “thought” she got her tail in a car door but maybe that wasn’t right. I will ask Mother tomorrow when I see her!!! And yes it was Peek–not Peak. So the bowl was wrong. Terribly wrong.
      I do not remember the garbage can lid!!! I think I must have blocked that memory. I suspect he had quite a few of those burials because there were a lot that met their demise. And I remember Pumpernickel—that was a good cat and I think my Buddy is a lot like him. Remember Amaryllis and the hole in her neck…eeewwwwww…..

  10. Do you remember, you and I naming one of Peek’s last kittens, a pretty horrible-looking calico? We named her “Thelma.” Where did THAT come from?

  11. I think she may have accompanied Peek to her final demise, at the kind hands of the vet that put Peek down, when she had that unhealing sore in her side (heck, she was 17 years old!)… As I remember it, there were seven of our cats sent to the vet that day, and they all were “put down” (sorry). You’ve gotta remember, this was way before spaying and neutering had become the norm, and I think our family was at a loss about what to do with all the cats…

    • I cannot believe you remember all of that…..how many there were that day. I do remember it was sad…..but you are right–it was way before spaying and neutering was in vogue….and we did place a lot over the years in nice homes on our own….

  12. We DID find homes for most of the kittens, unbelievably, but at the point of the the vet visit, I think Peek’s offspring had finally overwhelmed us… Hey, she probably put out three litters a year (she seemed to be a very popular cat with the toms, even with her ugly bobbed tail), every single year during her reproductive life (including a litter in Father’s wastebasket; do you remember that photo?), and that is a lot of kittens! Feral cats are such a problem now, I shudder to think of how we may have contributed to the problem, but we just didn’t know…

  13. Helen Brown says:

    I have to get in on this conversation, It is good to be old sometimes as I do not remember the bowl at all so I cannot say whether it had Peek or Peak. I do not remember Thelma, you must be kidding. You did not mention some other great names you gave the kittens–Salt,Pepper, Tiger, etc. I just sat here and laughed about the story of Peak. May she rest in peace. I love all my four kids even if they are a bit crazy.

  14. Thelma was real, no kidding (and she was pretty homely; skinny, mostly a dirty black-grey, with odd splotches of white and orange)! And, I’m convinced the food bowl said “Peak” (my memory, which may be faulty, is that Chris lettered it). As far as names, I remember “Tigger” (not too inventive) and “Tigger-two,” slightly more inventive. Beth mentioned Amaryllis, likely named for the flower that Miss Friedan gave me in the first grade (which survived for perhaps decades, and a couple of moves), and there was Sidney (NOT a Peek offspring). We should have written down all the names, it would be an impressive list…

    • I want to say there was a Junior at one time. Heathcliffe who I think was an orange tiger. We should start a list…..the tigers were my favorite.

  15. On a completely different note – I am catching up on my blog reading & just wanted to pass along well deserved congratulations on your new awards!

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