This Could Change Your Life!

Thank you to this websiteย for the great tutorial that works and has changed my life!!! It’s those little things that make me happy!!!
Life hack: Anti-chaos-cable



  1. I never used these things.

    • Well it works with other cords and ropes and things—an old boy scout trick or sailor tool, I think, but having the tutorial made it a lot easier for me. Though some folks says it causes stress on your cords to do this at least they are neat and tidy!

  2. Wow, how cool is that, Beth Ann! Thanks for sharing the tip. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  3. Looks like a good idea, though not sure I’d pull those delicate wires too tightly.

    • Yea, that is one of the “cautions” but I am pretty hard on any kind of cords and earphones, especially, so I don’t think it would make too great of a difference to me.

  4. Helen Brown says:

    I would have it all messed up if I even tried. Glad you can do it.

    • It actually works. I am usually a klutz at this stuff but the great thing is how easily it comes apart without making knots! I would not say it changed my life but it is helpful!

  5. I do this to most of my cords all the time. Hubby being a IT guy that used to deal with all kinds of cables hates it when I do that. ๐Ÿ™‚


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