On A Somewhat Sad Note–The Gourd Lady Has Died

The Gourd Lady has died.  My friend, Jen, alerted me to the fact earlier this week. She was somewhat of a legend in North Carolina and especially the Conover area.   I saw her at a craft shows  during out time there and she was quite a lady.  Who else would think to hollow out a gourd and fashion it into a hat???   Margaret “Sparky” Sparkman was 95 when she died and touched many people with her craft.  While I do not think that I will pursue that particular craft—she was definitely one of a kind who will be missed by many.

She was originally discovered by Mike Redding of Carolina Traveler and went on to great fame by appearing with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show in 2003.   Below is a wonderful clip from YouTube which chronicles this unique and interesting lady.    It will make you chuckle, I guarantee.

I hope that when the day comes when I am at the Pearly Gates that “Sparky” is there to offer me a drink of water from her gourd dipper…..that would be awesome. RIP Gourd Lady.


  1. Ah, I’m sorry to hear this lovely lady has died. RIP, Gourd Lady!

  2. Another legend passes away…RIP.

  3. She sounds wonderful. I am sorry I am just hearing about her after she is gone. Bless her heart.

    Andrea of From The Sol

  4. She had a long and probably full life. How many of us can say we were on Jay Leno??? R.I.P. Gourd Lady.

  5. Helen Brown says:

    A very good story about a lady who lived a long and seems, a happy life. Getting old is not all bad. I just hope I can be as sharp as she was when I am that old.

  6. What a fun lady. I know she’ll be missed.

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