And The Awards Continue….Kreative Blogger and One Lovely Blog Award

Susi over at Boca Frau gave me two, count them, two awards!!!  I may change up the rules a bit as we are all known to do but THANK YOU to one of my new bloggy friends for the great honor and awards!  I love it!!!  Make sure you hop over and check out her blog–she is a German gal living in Florida and has a lot of sunshine to spread!


Kreativ Blogger Award Rules:

1. Link back to the one who gave you this award
2. Share 10 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award on to 6 other people
4. Follow the persons blog who sent you it.
Here are 10 random facts about myself:
1.I am a huge UNC Tarheel basketball fan.  Go Heels.  Might be because son number 1 went to undergrad there. NCSU is in second place. (Sorry, Aaron)
2. Dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Every time.
3. My favorite Easter morning was spent in a 4 seater plane with my brother looking for pronghorn with radio collars in Arizona.
4. Favorite color is red though I don’t actually wear it too often.
5. I used to volunteer at Navy Relief on the base in Orlando, Florida in the mid 80’s.
6. The best years of my life are right now.
7. The mascot of my college alma mater is a polar bear.  In Ohio.  Yes.  Because we have so many polar bears there.
8. I once almost burned down the house by trying to put too big of a log in our fireplace insert.  Seriously NOT a good thing.  Hubby to the rescue, thank goodness.
9. If I could have the perfect house–it would be my current house with a few minor changes on the lot we had in Freeport, IL with the pool we had in North Carolina and the payment we had in Greenville, OH in a nice warm and sunny location preferably in North Carolina.
10. My best girl friend in the whole world is Ann.  And she is real, not imaginary.
The One Lovely Blog Award rules are:
1. Link back to the one who gave you this award.
2. pass the award on to 15 other lovely bloggers.
3. Follow the person who sent it to you.
So here we go—I am passing both awards on to only 5 folks because I have several awards to pass on and because hey—-I can change the rules if I want to, right????   So if you are the recipient —please accept and take in stride.  If you want to pass it on to others –please do.   If it stresses you out—just accept it and don’t do anything!!!   This is supposed to be fun!
Thanks, Susi, for the awards!!!  Check out these blogs–they are all awesome!!!
Christine over at Random Thoughts from Midlife
Paula from Simply Sandwich
Michele at Living on Less


  1. Thanks, Beth Ann. I haven’t received this award before and I am proud and pleased to accept it. Since I recently had a lot of new visitors to my blog, I ,may try to pull out a few to pass the award on to.

    Hope you’re having a great day.

    • You are so welcome!!! I was not sure if you had this one or not!!! And congrats on all the Freshly Pressed traffic!!! That is so awesome!! And so deserved! Have a great Sunday!

  2. You are very, very, very welcome. And I will take some time and check out the bloggers you awarded… I always like “meeting” new bloggers. 🙂 Have a great Sunday!!!!

  3. Ohhh dear and me with nothing to wear!!! Ummmm can I borrow your crown? 😉 thank you so much Beth Ann, I was wondering what to do today between it being my Birthday, being lazy and shoveling snow I didn’t want to think too much about my blog post today. Yeaaa, now I can do this, sooooo much more fun than my regular posts for Sunday!! Thank you!!

  4. Helen Brown says:

    Congratulations. I hope your head doesn’t get too large for the crown. Just kidding.

  5. Congrats on the awards, Beth Ann. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

  6. Beth Ann – finally got a minute to sit down and catch up on my blog reading and I was so thrilled to see that you sent the awards my way! Thank you so very much sweet friend – I am honored! 🙂 Have a great week!!

  7. Congrats on your awards, they look great on your blog!

  8. Thanks so much for the award. You are so kind. And congrats to you! Hey, has March Madness started yet. I feel so out of the loop…who is favored?

    • You are so welcome. March Madness has not quite started yet. We barrack for UNC and they beat Duke in the last game of the season over the weekend. I think the conference games will wind down this week and then they will do the brackets. Who do you follow?? I will keep you posted!!!! 🙂

  9. Well deserved Beth Ann! My son-in-law is also a Tarheels fan. Grew up near Raleigh, but my daughter and he now live in Charlotte.

    • Go Heels!!! We lived in Mooresville, north of Charlotte, for 9 years before moving here and I miss it miss it miss it!!!! Our youngest lives in Raleigh so I do get to visit now and then and get my North Carolina fix!!!

      • Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to visit when they got married in 2003. Have been able to meet them in Wpg. Canada a few times. It’s hard when your kids are so far away from you. My daughter should just be getting home today from a trip to Wpg. as a matter of fact.

        • It is very hard when your kids are away from you. I hate it!!! But it is kind of the way life is and we are fortunate to be able to see our boys as much as we do. And thank goodness for Skype and texting and cell phones!

  10. Just came by from TBM’s blog, and I do like yours! I’m a teapot person as well.Though I’m a Duke fan through and through, having been literally born and raised on campus. Looking forward to following you!

    • A teapot lover!!! Yay!!!! I am so excited!!! And it will somehow ease the pain of the knowledge that you are a Duke fan!!! Hahaha!!! Just kidding!!! Isn’t it such a small world???? Son number 2 lives in Raleigh and went to NCSU and son number 1 went to UNC! So we love the area!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and I am VERY excited to have a new follower!!!! Thanks!

  11. Congratulation for the award Beth 🙂

    I am also a basketball fan, but I only watch NBA because it is the only one shown in my local TV

  12. Both awards well deserved. Congrats, my friend. xoxo

  13. Oh, yes! growing up in NW Ohio, we had to be very careful of the polar bears when we walked to school! LOL And, you may wonder about an Ohio college having a polar bear as a mascot, but I have to question a basketball team called the “tar heels” . I don’t think tar on their heels would make them very fast & agile! (That’s one of those things I’ve always wondered about since I was a small child!)

    • I thought tar heels referred to their agility & ability to stop & turn on a dime? Or am I mistaken?

    • Alicia—I am sure glad you knew about the Ohio polar bears that wandered around!!! Whew!!! As for the tar heel… is what Wikipedia says on the matter and we all know that is the Bible of the internet..

      “The exact etymology of the nickname is unknown, but most experts believe its roots come from the fact that tar, pitch and turpentine created from the vast pine forests were one of North Carolina’s most important exports early in the state’s history.[1]
      Because the exact history of the term is unknown, a number of legends have developed to explain it. Many[who?] believe it to be a nickname given during the U.S. Civil War, because of the state’s importance on the Confederate side, and the fact that the troops “stuck to their ranks like they had tar on their heels”.[2]
      The term “Tar Heel” gained popularity during the Civil War.”

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