What I’ve Been Up To!

I started a project last week when the hubby left on his trip.  I had planned this for months.  All the time I was in Ohio helping out with his family stuff I was thinking “I really need to get my house organized”.  I think it was because the house there was in such a cluttered state.  It drove me crazy and until I could get a handle on it I was crazy!!!   I vowed that when I got back “home” I would get my act together.

And so it started.  First I attacked the pantry.  My friend, Diane, over at Musings of a Southern Mama, got me started.  She ate some stale oatmeal and it got her started on her purging of the pantry.   It sounded like a good place to start.  I had a lot of stuff that needed to just go.   I forgot to take the before picture.  But I did take the after!!!

Clean pantry!

The funny thing was that Chris was a little worried.  He asked me if he was going to come home and find me crumpled up crying on the kitchen floor like he did when we first moved into the house .  I am not a fan of this pantry.  Nothing fits in right and it is hard to get to the stuff at the back of the shelf.  But I assured him I would be fine and I conquered it.

Then it was on to the mother of all projects.  My office.  Since it is just Chris and I and two furry children here we have used 2 of the 5 bedrooms as offices.  Mine is a lovely soothing green color.   But the closet —oh the closet.   I had stuff crammed in there for all my crafting and it was not pretty.  Add to it I had stuff that I had packed up and taken to Ohio to use and I still had to figure out how to fit that stuff back in.   So the project of all projects started.   I pulled everything out.

It was ugly.  Very ugly.  Target had Closet Maid on sale this week so several trips there and I got all that I needed.  To say that I have a bruise on my palm from using the screwdriver is putting it mildly.   Fortunately things went together better than I had anticipated and I got the configuration that I wanted and that I had in my head.   I am very happy with the results.  My supplies are not totally organized (I want to get my paper sorted according to colors and patterns but that can wait for another day) but I do have a handle on it and I can find stuff again!  Is it perfect?  No, probably not but it is going to work for me.  Now on to the next project……the basement exercise room which has become the catch all.   I will get back to you on that later!

Before !

My project manager


Another great thing—I am being featured over at Living on Less  today!!!  Michele has become a great friend in a short time and she asked me to answer a few questions and be on her blog today!!!  I was thrilled and accepted wearing my tiara and my gown!!! Thanks, Michele, for making my day!


  1. You did a great job. A woman after my own heart. I love order, myself. My children could never understand when I would tell them, that when my house was not in order, it would make me literally sick. Now that they are no longer at home, I am able to keep my home organized and now it is them that I hear, complaining about how they like their homes in order. Amazing!!!

    • I did not use to be neat and tidy but as I age……I think it is just a control thing. That and i am not working now and it is easier to find time to keep things organized for some reason when I am not working. But once it gets ahead of you it is so hard to catch up on it and get it under control.

  2. Good job. It does feel very good to get organized.

  3. Your project manager did a great job!

  4. I wish I could get organized. Can I borrow your project manager? Cute

  5. edshunnybunny says:

    I found you through today’s blog hop. I love what you did with your pantry and closet! I especially love your project manager 🙂 Now that I”m feeling “inspired”, I need to go do some organizing of my own…I enjoyed your guest post over at “Living on Less”, as well. Nice to meet you, and hoping you have a fantastic Monday!

    • Thanks so much!!! I love to meet new bloggy friends so it is great to meet you! The closet was a long time coming……it was a mess, to put it mildly but now I can find all my Cricut and cardmaking, scrapping stuff without the headache of pulling every single container out. I am sure I will still have a mess when I do my work but hey—-that is okay because it all has a place to go when I am done!

  6. Your project manager is adorable. (I also have one who’s a plastic fiend. She spies the strips of cheese-slice packages or bits of bubble wrap, snatch it, and run like hell is after her.)

    Also, I’m envious of your pantry. I so need to organize mine.

    Stopping by from Make a Friend Monday.

    • Oh we have two of a kind then!!! I am always on the lookout for things she is going to eat!!! And her brother has a string fixation….not a good thing. Thank you so much for stopping by !!! I really appreciate it!

  7. When we got home from Haiti, Sara did a serious pantry purge. Now, my studio remains an issue. Your closet looks amazing, and I LOVE your project manager. What a cutie!

    • Thanks, Kathy! It is something that has to be done but it is very painful doing it. Now I want to do my husband’s office but I don’t want to disorient him when he comes home…….I had better wait, right?

  8. Wow, this is great. I need to do something very similar to my little craft “nook”. And you’re project manager is just too cute! 🙂


    • Megan–thanks so much for stopping by!!! It is making my life so much better to have it organized!!! Now on to my hubby’s office……. going to stop by your shop!!!!

  9. Ohhh this looks wonderful!!! I am so impressed, I finally got my crafting closet re-organized too, I haven’t gotten all the fancy stuff yet, just using shelving we had in the store room for now until we get to move. I am happy to have you as my featured blogger today, it was a lot of fun getting to know you better…and for the record, I think you would make a great chocolate taster. 😉

    • Shelving would work, too, and better to recycle!!! I just had this in my mind and wanted to get it done!!! So I finally did it but it was not a small investment either in time or materials but fortunately with Target sales and Hobby Lobby coupons it was cheaper!!! Thanks again for featuring me today and for the great post on Bernie’s blog today! Got my card in the mailbox!!!

  10. what a great job! I am glad your supervisor kept you in line!

  11. Wow! Great job. I wish my pantry looked that neat! I found you through today’s blog hop. 🙂

  12. You’ve done a great job on these! I recently shifted some things in my kitchen cabinets, happy how that is working out. I bought some shelving last week to replace an old buffet in the dining side of the kitchen. Now if I can just get to where I can work on it!

  13. WTG!!! I know what a sense of accomplishment projects like this can bring!

    I am so drooling over these *finished* projects! It seems as if, as son as I take the time required to actually rearrange and organize something, it’s screwed up again. No one ever puts anything back where it goes – just in the general area (if I’m lucky.) I become the crazy, OCD lady after I organize stuff like this. Eventually, I have to just give up nagging at them and put the stuff away myself… Then there’s the “on strike” stage, where I just quit being the maid for a while. It starts all over again when the stacks and piles of stuff become overwhelming and I get the itch to rearrange and organize!

    Maybe, someday, it’ll just be me and my husband and I’ll get him “trained” like Pavlov’s dog to put things where they belong. He’ll hear my footsteps approaching and quickly look around himself, checking to make sure everything is in its place! Maybe… 😉

    • Haha–I wouldn’t count on that, Alicia! I don’t want to burst your bubble but as I walked past my husband’s office this morning I was tempted to close the door. I have to give him a break though, because we are dealing with all the “stuff” we brought back from his father’s place that we don’t’ know what to do with quite yet PLUS a bad back !!!! He did give me permission to work on it a bit while he was gone so today might be the day!!!

  14. Oh Beth Ann you are an inspiration!! Everything looks great and I am thinking of sending my Hubby on an extended trip so I can whip our abode into shape too! Can I borrow your project manager? 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Paula!!! I am very pleased with how it turned out ! Still have a couple more things to add like one of those fabric hanging things for jewelry to put bits and pieces of ribbon in but it is almost there!!! And you may borrow either one of my project managers. This one would probably be easier than the other one since I am still giving him Rutin 3 times a day to hopefully beat the stupid chylothorax disease he has…..:-(

  15. Hi! I read about you over at Living on Less and headed over (a little late). So nice to meet you.

  16. I LOVE it! This is just the BEST thing to do. I started in on my pantry a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t get enough containers so will have to go back for more.

    I’ll bet you feel GREAT.


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