It’s Friday –Time to Hop!

Hilary over at Feeling Beachie hosts a blog hop every Friday.  Join in the fun by linking up from here.

This week’s statements:

1.       I never ___ on a ____

2.       ___ is my favorite holiday

3.       I think my ___ is/are ___.

4.       When there is a ___ I ___.

My answers:

1.       I never bet on a horse.  Or anything else , actually!

2.      Thanksgiving  is my favorite holiday.  

3.       I think my TOMS shoe addiction  is out of control.

4.       When there is a lot of snow I would rather just stay inside curled up with the cats and a good book.



  1. When I was a kid, my parents took me to Santa Anita. I asked my mom to bet on a horse for me, which she did and I won. After she asked how I decided which horse to bet on. I said I liked its yellow jacket. A few years ago I was at a different horse race and surprisingly, my color method did not work anymore. But that one day I was so happy that my pretty yellow horse won!

  2. I thought your tea pot addiction is the worst one 😉

  3. I so agree with #4!

  4. I”m not sure that an addiction to Tom’s is a bad thing… after all you’re donating at the same time! (See…. I can justify ANYthing!)

  5. I never have and don’t think ever will bet on anything. With my luck I’ll lose big time!!! 🙂 You know, I’ve always looked at those shoes but have yet to get a pair. Are they as comfortable as they look???

    • I love them. I think they are VERY comfy. They have more arch support than they look like they would have. I live in them…….and the neat thing is that with each pair you buy they give one away!!! Win win!

  6. I miss snow…

  7. I loved all your answeres! As for #3… I think my *boobs* are *sagging*. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend Beth Ann!!!

  8. Hi Beth Ann – I recommended you for 2 awards, please see my blog for details & comments.

  9. Had to laugh at the horse betting strategy above because that is how I pick out horses too! Too much trouble to read all the stats, etc. I guess that is why I don’t bet on horses either! 🙂

  10. I was dreaming about those shoes last night! What have you done to my mind?

  11. I like your choice of activities on snowy days!

  12. Helen Brown says:

    I like to stay in bed and read any day and especially a cold day.

  13. Snuggled up with a good book and cats… perfect way to spend a snowy day!

  14. I’m right there with you on #4!! *LOL*

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