Babyccino, Anyone?

Micah doing "Big Eyes" and NOT after drinking a Babyccino

Seems the latest craze in New York is the babyccino.   Now when I first heard the headline all I could think of was a baby in cute little LL Bean chinos (or khakis as my son tells me is the appropriate term).   But no…….a babyccino, according to this article from Fox News   (and we ALL know to trust them for great reporting) is a mini coffee drink that sells for $2 and is described as follows:

mini decaf cappuccinos or frothy cups of steamed milk, foam and cinnamon for the little ones

Really?   Supposedly this trend started about 10 years ago with our Aussie friends but trust me—-when we were there I never saw a baby sipping a coffee anywhere so perhaps the supposed fad ran its course and people came to their senses.  At least about that!  The pains it took for me to find an actual coffee maker are a post in and of itself so I have my serious doubts about the validity of this statement that our good friends down under actually started this that many years ago.

So what do you think?  Do our kids need to emulate every little thing that we as adults do?  Do they need to be part of the coffee addiction that has swept our country and that I quite honestly have embraced?   Is it a way to keep them quiet as their parents have their own triple double half soy hold the whip dark roast venti mocha peppermint espresso ?    Is it filling a real need in their lives?  Is it a way to get some milk into them in a fun manner?  I would love to hear your thoughts!  Let’s talk—say –maybe over a coffee?????



  1. First toddler shoes with heels now this? Why can’t kids just be kids? They grow up so fast I think coffee can wait.

  2. What a great post. I remember when kids were kids, and acted like kids. They grow up too fast now. Not only do they emulate us, as a society we encourage it. Unfortunately, it often leads to entitlement issues, and kids not knowing or respecting boundaries. It’s very sad.

    • Well said, McGuffy Ann! I agree about the entitlement part….we encourage a lot of the behavior we see by just allowing our kids to do things that they don’t need to be doing yet. Sigh.

  3. A little bit ridiculous! LOL Jack knows that coffee is a Mommy drink and leaves mine alone. He’s three and I still bring with something for him to drink if we go out to eat. 😉

    • Because you are a GOOD mommy!!! You know the boundaries and of course you bring him something to drink—because that is just what we do. I suspect these moms need to have a reason to sit and drink coffee with their own friends longer which is okay but don’t suck the poor kiddos into it quite yet!

  4. Kids do not need coffee, but if they want to drink it to appear grown up, it’s a better choice than smoking at least.

  5. I can’t imagine giving coffee to kids. I remember when I was little my mom saying that caffeine would “stunt the growth” of children–though that sounds strange to me now that I think about it.

    • I know–some of those old adages are pretty crazy when you think about it but I heard that one, too. I don’t think kids need coffee or decaf coffee or any drink that looks like coffee. Kind of like the non alcoholic drinks for kids…don’t really get into that.

  6. Helen Brown says:

    Adults are adults so lets let children enjoy being children. I think they will grow up to be better adults. I have watched on TV how some of the children are doing things parents want them to do and are unhappy and crying.

  7. Childhood ends too fast.. kids should be kids…. although I as a child adult myself..-

  8. What the heck? Why can’t we just let kids be kids while they can. I think its just a way for the coffee and energy drink companies to ensure they will be earning money in the future. Adults sure weren’t on the bandwagon with candy Cigarettes, this shouldn’t be any different. Have a great weekend!

  9. Coffee=Caffeine=energy(nervosa)=restlessness=late nights=sleep deprivation=the need for more Coffee=increase in sales=larger bottom line=MONEY.. The evil genius’ at work.

  10. My 5 year old takes his decaf like a man- BLACK…true story. He loves coffee!!!
    (dark chocolate, the darkest you can buy, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pancakes, and white donuts). With a diet this bland, I say what the heck, enjoy your decaf son:)

    • Emily–first of all how did Benny get to be 5 already??? That is NOT right!!! And I was laughing—sounds like he has a great diet for a 5 year old and I am sure he will not be hurt by a little decaf now and then!!! Funny what kids like, isn’t it?? Hope you are doing well–so glad to have you comment here!!! Thanks!

  11. Marketing genius to get money from dumb people! I agree with the entitlement comment above. Some parents can’t say no to the kids. It is not that hard to say “this is for mommies, not for kids” unless you forget you are the parent.

    As for the caffeine stunting your growth, your body does actually stop growing for the amount of time the caffeine is in your system. (I only know this as I have a kid with growth problems…not due to babycinno, I promise!) Your mom may not have known why, but she wasn’t lying to you. 🙂

    • Great fact to know!!! Had no idea there was actual validity to that “coffee stunts your growth” thing!! Thanks for stopping by!! Great to have you join in the discussion!!! Thanks!!!

  12. Micah is so cute there. 🙂 I don’t think I would purchase it for one that young.

  13. When I lived in Los Angeles, I was a Starbucks addict. Every single day after work, my oldest (around 3-4 years ols back then) and I would hit the Starbucks down the street so Mommy could get her Vente Triple Latte. And, of course, he wanted something, too. Well, since I was a regular customer and got to know the guys behind the counter, he got “vanilla milk” (frothed milk with a little vanilla flavoring) for free. On their days off, I’d pay for my kid’s, it was only $1. Had it cost any more, I’d have skipped paying for his and just brought him something to drink.

    As for decaf for kids… That’s just nuts, in my opinion. Now, I can see this happening once in a very great while. When I was a kid, I loved feeling all grown up when my grandmother made me “coffee” – a little Sanka in a giant cup of warm milk. It’s fun for kids to get to do fun stuff like that. But all the time? Nuts!

    • Alicia, Thanks so much for commenting!! I think that you must have had a great relationship with the barristas and that your little guy had a fun time with mommy, too!!! I think the decaf coffee is carrying it a bit too far but you know what? If my boys were that age and it was today—who knows? I might do it, too? Who knows?

  14. I have a friend who just recently separated from his wife. When he goes to pick up his eldest son (5), they stop at Starbucks for [coffee] while they decide what to do with their outing. The little boy gets a special coffee (made with decaf & hot chocolate). I think it’s fine to do this when it’s for something special like this. When my daughter was young & we wowould have a special family dinner, she would get a glass (shooter size) of wine with the meal just like the adults so she would learn alcohol was not a big mystique & not something only adults could have.
    As far as coffee stunting your growth – I can attest to this! I come from a very tall famiily – besides me the shortest person (my grandmother at age 80) was 5’7″. I started drinking coffee at age 12 when I was 5’5″ because I got braces & could not drink pop anymore & I have never grown since! Which is a good thing in my eyes because I was afraid I was going to be too tall to be popular with the boys!

    • Great to hear someone else weigh in on this!!! I think that is a pretty sweet thing that that daddy does!! Makes an extra special time! I had to laugh at the coffee stunting your growth…do you really think that is what happened or had you just grown enough??? 🙂

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