Putting Away My Crown

I almost had a brush with fame.  I came within 10 hours of it.  I must admit the past couple of days I was kind of giddy with excitement about my possible famous status.  But alas it was not to be.

And what kept me from my date with fame, you may ask?  I blame Whitney Houston’s death.   Which is a whole other sad post in itself that I won’t write.  I had made a guess on a blog months ago.  You see, one of my blogger buddies, Mark aka The Idiot at The Idiot Speaketh was holding a contest of sorts.  He had us all trying to guess what date he would reach 2 million views on his blog.  I think I made my guess back in November or October–not really sure–but I locked in February 13th.  Now let’s just say that he gets waaaaayyyyyyy more views than my little blog gets and the prize was awesome.  He promised to rename his blog after the winning person for a week.  So the title would have been The Idiot Worships Beth Ann Chiles.   For an entire week!  He would have extolled my praises.  He would have ranted and raved and sent millions of viewers to my little ole blog here.  He promised to wear a shirt with my blog address on it to public events.  It was my ticket in.  I think there was even mention of a video.

A few days ago he messaged me and let me know that it was looking really good for either February 13th or 14th.  One of those days was going to be the magical day for him which translated maybe magical for me.   Yesterday it was looking really really good for me!!!  He messaged me again and told me that it was looking like it was going to hit 2 million views on Monday afternoon.  MY DAY!   I started planning.  I started plotting my strategy.  I started thinking—-“How am I going to handle all the comments for Comments for a Cause if thousands of his followers come over to comment?”   I lost sleep last night.  I dreamed about winning.  Honest–I did.

And then Whitney died.  And The Idiot just had to go and do a post about it. And folks came and read about it. And that is when my rise to fame started  a quick downward spiral.  I plummeted to anonymity in a few quick seconds. Around 2 pm on the 12th The Idiot reached 2 million views.  Just 10 hours to go and I would have had fame and all that comes with it.  Christine, another one of The Idiot’s faithful readers won.  And it is also her birthday so how can I be upset with that?  Congrats to her and I hope she is able to handle the fame that comes with her new title of winner.

As a consolation prize I have been asked to guest blog over at The Idiot Speaketh one day and once I can pull myself together, put away the coronation gown and the celebratory balloons I will start working on that post.  It might take some time.  I was so close…..so close.

Stop on over and read what he has to say on his 2 millionth view—-it is a pretty awesome post—one of his more serious ones and spend some time reading some of his other great posts.  He is quite a guy and I am happy to have been famous for  a nanosecond at The Idiot Speaketh.


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  1. Aw so close, but you came up with a clever post at least from it. Love the crown! On may way to visit the idiot.

  2. I couldn’t believe the news when I heard it. 2 million views huh…that must be some blog. Sorry about your missed chance.

  3. You are still famous in my eyes!

  4. Just 10 hours and you could have been famous! What a bummer. However, I commend you on being such a good sport and, hey, you got a post gig out of the whole contest, so I would say that makes you a winner….maybe not famous, but still a winner in my book. ♥

  5. I bet your chance comes again before you know it….seems it always works that way but I am sorry for the disappointment / Thanks for introducing me to the Idiot! Who does not seem to be much of an Idiot–
    And look! Here you are influencing and sending reader his way—you are pretty darn powerful!

    • It’s all good!! And it made for a good post today!!! 🙂 The Idiot is a pretty neat guy from all I can see and has traveled and continues to travel quite a road. I am so blessed to find so many great bloggers to follow and connect with! So excited about all the great folks out there in the blogosphere.

  6. Is that your own crown from your beauty queen days? Its lovely. 🙂 Awwww, so close. Darn it I was so hoping that he was going to be pimping you and that you would be the one who won. The fact you will get to do a guest post is pretty darn cool!!
    Thanks for linking up!!

    • So sorry to disappoint but I was no beauty queen!! “LAUGHING VERY LOUDLY” Happy he is letting me guest post —gotta figure out what I am going to do for that! Oh the pressure…..

  7. Helen Brown says:

    Life has its up and downs and I know you can handle this down one. I know you will be able to write a very interesting blog for “The Idiot.”

  8. Beth Ann, I think you should go get a crown and wear it anyway. Crowns are good for girls!

  9. I still consider you a Queen 🙂

  10. You’re still special, Beth Ann. I think you should go ahead and wear the crown. 🙂

  11. I am so sorry for your loss
    …. LOL

  12. Christine Grote says:

    That’s still cool that you got so close. I randomly guessed my birthday, I think ( I can’t remember, honestly.) but that’s still three weeks away, so I’m not even close.

    You’re a winner in my eyes. Go ahead and wear the crown. ( just make sure you snap a photo so we can all see it.)


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