Physics, Dark Chocolate, Water Smells and Laundry

Hilary at Feeling Beachie has a blog hop every Friday !!!  You know the drill!  Hop on over there and join up!  This week I get to co-host so some of the questions are mine!! Yippee!!!   Hang out with the cool kids and link up!

The statements are:

1.       I don’t understand ___ and probably never will

2.       I prefer ___ to ____

3.       My favorite smell is ______________because ___________________

4.       I suspect my neighbors of _________________

My Answers:

1.       I don’t understand Physics and probably never will.  After all —I am the one who took Physics for People Who Think They Don’t Like Physics in college where we only had essay tests.   How, you ask????  I don’t know.  Still don’t understand it.

2.       I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate.  

3.       My favorite smell is the ocean / lake smell because it just reminds me of good times.  When we were kids and driving to Lakeside, OH for our week there in June each year we would roll down the windows and smell the lake as we drove across the bridge.  Now granted it does not always smell so great but it signaled great times ahead.  I still do that when we drive there these days … 51 years of age it has not lost the appeal.  

4.       I suspect my neighbors of sneaking laundry into my house.  Where does it all come from?



  1. My favorite smell is freshly cut grass. Guess b/c it doesn’t happen in winter so if I smell that, it means we don’t have any snow–yea!

  2. Dark chocolate over milk! Well that leaves more milk chocolate for me. Does your neighbor also put their laundry in with mine?

  3. This is so funny… we both love the same smell!!!

  4. I love the water smell, too. (Great picture, btw). And I like the feel of the change in the air when we reach the bridge tunnel after traveling north. Sneaky neighbors! Thanks for the laundry reminder…

    • Thanks, Patti! The pic was taken on an early morning walk around Lakeside–it was perfect! Keep an eye on your neighbors….I suspect that is where some of your laundry comes from too!

  5. Helen Brown says:

    Yes, I remember when we lived closer to Lakeside you kids felt it wasn’t as much fun because you did not have as much time to wait for that smell of the water.

  6. Congrats on being co-host. I like the smell of the water, too. Can’t escape it here… And I never understood Physics either, I had to take two years of it in High School in Germany and hated every minute of it.

  7. I think your neighbors are sneaking their dirty dishes into my sink! 🙂 Hey Beth Ann, less than 18,000 views to go…the current pace will have YOU winning the contest sometime in the evening on the 13th…..but you know how finicky wordpress can be, any little fluctuations up or down…and ya never know. It’s gonna be close! GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  8. I would love to live near the ocean — then that would be my favourite smell. we do live near a big river, but believe me… don’t want to smell it. and we don’t swim in it either.
    Your neighbours sound very sneaky —- can you ask them if they have my missing socks?

  9. I don’t get physic’s either.. and marc is obssed with it… and the smell of the ocean is the best

  10. I had to chuckle at #4! I’ve been adding a lot of laundry in my current cleaning project and I definitely have looked at it and wondered if someone is sneaking in and having me do their laundry!

  11. The lake/ocean smell reminder makes me happy. We have so many common (p)interests!

  12. I roll down the windows at the bridge too. Mmmmm, dead fish smell!

  13. I prefer dark chocolate too! And forget about the white chocolate…eww.

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