Spinning in Our Teacups

Let me just say right off—I love my husband.  He is an amazing guy.  He is my biggest cheerleader.  He is a fabulous father and husband.  And he is funny.  Hysterical at times.  I doubt that everyone sees that side of him but he is.  I am sure he comes across to many as intense and intimidating but not to me!!!   Good thing, huh?

Last week we were making the trip from Iowa to Ohio together.  He had a lot of business calls so when I was driving I was privy to one side of conversations.  All the talk of skins, faces, fire tests and lean techniques almost made my ears bleed.  His calls were depriving me of my 80’s on 8 listening, after all!

In between the calls and me secretly adjusting his side of the heat to cook and laughing hysterically when he wondered why he was getting so hot I gleaned a couple of gems from his conversations.  I don’t know if the folks on the other end of the conversations / conference calls appreciated his “Chrisisms” but I sure did.   The two most memorable ones uttered that day were “we’re just spinning in our teacups” and “we end up stepping on our cranks”.  Really????   I think you can figure out what both of those mean.

He has quite a mastery of the English language and some of his phrases are priceless.   I am going to start collecting them.  I had been writing down Carlisms but now I am switching to Chrisisms.    One of his favorite Australian ones is “I didn’t come down in the last rain shower”.  And I have also heard him say “This ain’t no rabbitbox operation” which I highly suspect came from our friend “Cotton” Ketchie.   So starting now I am going to collect them.  That book may get written after all this year !

Oh —and I spared you a picture of “stepping on our cranks”.   This is a G rated blog, after all.


  1. I love it! Being raised Southern there are many phrases and words that I use where others say, “what?”. I love that kind of colourful often cultural speech. Write the book. I surely will read it! I have a collection of dictionaries like that. Love it.

    • Like “buggy” for shopping cart. That one took me a while to figure out but I say it all the time now!!! I love the terms from different areas that we have lived. I am kind of a mutt when it comes to language. People can not figure out where I am from because my “accent” is all over the place. Even though I do not think I have any accent at all!

  2. P.S. I am working on my tag!

  3. LOL…some people have a way with words.

  4. I’d certainly buy a copy of that book. Hooray for Chrisisms!

  5. This is so funny… can I borrow a few of these gems?

  6. LOL. Love his “isms”
    we have quite a few around here too. my fave is “rode hard and put away wet.” which people assume is a “X rated” reference – and I suppose you could apply it that way – but technically, since this is the country and all about horseback riding: it refers to not cooling down the horse and/or cleaning the tack (leather).

  7. This inspires me to have my own -isms! 😉

    I volunteer to be the first reader to your Chrisisms book. Already likey the few you mentioned here!

  8. 🙂 How funny. I get confused quite easily when people use _isms… because that’s not something you learn in school when you learn a foreign language. As you have seen sometimes I insert Germanisms into my writing(trinker instead of drinker…remember that one???) and hubby starts laughing if I use a saying but in the wrong context. So maybe a book of Chrisisms could help me!!! 🙂

  9. Jessica@FoundtheMarbles says:

    Huh. My husband’s isms aren’t quite as charming…. 😉

  10. Funny. I do hope you’ll share more.

  11. Chris Chiles says:

    Thank you all for the support on my ‘isms. Much work to be done. One for the road..

    ” We just aren’t gee hawing” (pulling in the same direction, gee and haw are verbal cures for mules). Learnt from Dale “Bubba” Knight.

    Best Regards,


  12. I love the one about not coming down in the last rain shower! Teacups and teapots. 🙂 You two were meant for each other!

  13. Helen Brown says:

    What can I say? Probably my kids could tell about mine but I don’t think I have any. I just read some I had never heard before. Get busy on a book. I want to be here to read it.

  14. Patty Ufholz Tumblin says:

    I love this.. the funny thing is.. my husband has some funny sayings too, that I have never heard of. He grew up on a Farm and got a lot of Chrisisms from his parents and grandparents. He also keeps my laughing.


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