I’m It!!!

I am finally getting around to doing something that I should have done a week ago!!!  My friend, Hilary, over at Feeling Beachie tagged me in a meme last week and I am just now getting to doing it!  She answered her questions from both her and her kitty, Alex’s, viewpoint but with two kitties in our household I decided I could not be that creative.  Plus Buddy is recovering still from his chylothorax and is not in his best form to be answering questions so I am going to answer just on my own.  It won’t be nearly as exciting but bear with me.

1. Describe yourself in 7 words   Sincere, compassionate, generous, loyal, loving, enthusiastic, Christian.

2. What keeps you up at night?     Up until recently it was my brother in law, Carlton, enjoying his late night favorite tv shows and talking along with the dialogue verbatim.  Then when he moved out it was the weird house sounds of hot water heat going through the pipes and screeching of air in the lines along with other unidentified sounds.  Now that I am back in our home in Iowa it will be the sound of trains…..but I can deal with that.   

3.Who would I like to be?  You know something?  I do not really want to be anyone different than who I am right now!  That is a pretty great place to be—happy and content with who I am.  

4. What am I wearing now? I should have waited to answer this until I was dressed up.  But it is my day of chilling  outand I am wearing a black velour sweatsuit with a black and white striped turtleneck only because I have not unpacked my suitcases yet from moving back into the house.  My boys would make fun of it but it is comfy and just perfect for today.

5. What scares me?  Having a house fire and not being able to get all of us out in time.

6. The best and worst of blogging  The best is by far meeting all of the fabulous friends that I have met through blogging and being able to do Comments for a Cause.  The worst is when I write a particularly fabulous post and feel like folks did not read it, did not get it, did not understand it or did not care. 

7. The last website I visited  http://www.antiquekeys.net/keygroups.html   I was trying to help my sister figure out a way to celebrate something at her church and she had the idea of using keys in it so I was searching for sources for old keys.  Weird, I know.  Before that I was checking out http://www.mrchewy.com/ because Alex had recommended it!

8. What is the one thing I would change about myself? Probably my desire to always please everyone regardless of the consequence.

9. Slankets:  yes or no?  Nope–Slanket or Snuggli have yet to enter my house although we have a plethora of blankets.

10. Tell us something about the person that tagged you.    Hilary is fabulous!!! I met her through some random blog hop, I think, and have become a regular visitor to her blog.  Her kitty, Alex, had a bit of a trauma in the last year and her father in law also passed away this last year so we have shared a lot in common and she has been such a support through all of my “trials”.  We also lived on the beach like she and her husband do so we have that in common also.  Hilary is a hard worker and loves. loves LOVES shoes.   She has a great blog and I love to do her Friday Fill In’s every week that I am able.  She is generous and always can be counted on for support just when you need it!

So there you go!  I am supposed to pass this along to others so I am going to tag some folks.   If you want to do it—please do.  If not—no worries!!!  I totally understand how time intensive blogging can be and to accept awards and do things like this add to the time.  I wanted to tag a billion but kept it to only 8….visit all of them–they are all wonderful people with great blogs!

Bernie at One Mixed Bag

Jake at Poems and Ponderings

Diane at Simply Diane

Sendie Lou at Sunflowers Lady

Karen at Right Where We Belong

McGuffy Ann at McGuffy’s Reader

Christine from Random Thoughts from Midlife

Patti from A New Day Dawns



  1. I am terrified of fire. Currently I have to use a match to light my stove burners and it freaks me out. Completely.

    • Oh I hate those burners you have to light with a match!!! That was what I had to do in Australia and it freaked me out, too! I do love candles, though!!! So I guess I am not totally scared of fire…

  2. Oh Beth Ann – you are such a sweet heart… I do love, love, LOVE my shoes, but I also love you… I am so thankful for your friendship… and all your support. I understand your fear of fire. when I was a little girl (4) we had a fire in our kitchen…

    • I am very thankful for you, too!!!! 🙂 And Alex!!! Yikes—a kitchen fire would be scary—for sure. I just think it would be an awful scary thing to have a house fire.

  3. Beth Ann, I have a couple different velour suits and practically live in them during our Winter. That’s all you need to keep warm here. Especially this year, it’s been so mild. I love how comfy they are!!!

    • OH good!!! I am in great company then! After wearing it yesterday I decided that I love it and am going to wear it all the time!!!! Never mind that the boys make comments—they aren’t here to see me!!

  4. Helen Brown says:

    Beth, you really know who you are! I agree with all of them. I worry sometimes about you as you are so trusting of others. Sometimes I wish you were not so trusting for as you know, not everyone is trust worthy.

    • Thank you!!! I think I have maybe figured it out after all these years!!! 🙂 And I am too trusting sometimes but it usually makes for a good story!!!

  5. Hey Beth Ann!…… You might remember back in November when you logged a guess as to when I would hit a certain blog milestone…. you guessed the 13th of Feb…… Well, at my current pace, the milestone will hit on the 13th or 14th….. so you may very well win…….

    Here is the post from the contest to remind you of what you may win …. Good Luck! 🙂


  6. Great post!

  7. Thanks for tagging me–I will try to get to this sometime this month, how’s that? The questions are easy enough but I’ll just leave it open to anyone who would like to do it instead of tagging people if that’s okay. I don’t know what a slanket is so I doubt if I have one.

    • You are so totally okay in doing this whenever!! They are time consuming when you get these things and I don’t always pass them along so whatever / however you want to do it is fine and dandy!!! I think a slanket is like a snuggi—one of those blanket things with arms!!!

  8. I knew you were all those things! (#1) They shine through your blog posts. I love hearing trains, especially at night. My mind climbs on board and travels to a new (or old) destination.

    • I am not a huge fan of the trains but at least they are not quite in my backyard like at my sister’s house!!

      • I forgot to thank you for the tag, Beth Ann. I like hearing the train whistle at night (from a distance). I know someone who lived right next to the tracks; and we stayed in a motel that was rather close to one. I’d rather not FEEL the train go by. 🙂

  9. I’d like to thank Hilary for passing this on to Beth Ann who passed it on to me….
    Seriously, thank you for thinking of me. It makes me smile. It means a lot coming from you. 🙂

  10. Thanks so much for tagging me, Beth Ann. I saw the tweet (thankfully, although a few days late). I am falling a little bit behind on things right now, but doing the best I can.

    I’m not sure I will be able to respond appropriately to your kind recognition. But I will answer this question: I’m sitting here in my PJs and robe. So you kind of get the picture of what my life is like at the moment. (Although truthfully, there are many days I don’t manage to get dressed before noon.)

    I always worried about getting everybody out of the house in case of a fire, too, when the kids were small. Especially when Mark was gone on business trips.

    • You are so welcome, Christine! I know how time consuming this stuff is so I am totally not expecting folks to answer like I did. Hope that things are getting into a routine at your house and that life post surgery is going better every day!!!!


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