Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

While you watch the Super Bowl today (or the commercials because I know that a lot of  you watch just for the commercials!) think about my little college town of Ada, Ohio where all of the Wilson Footballs are made!  Ada is home to Ohio Northern University but at this time of year it takes second seat to Wilson Football!  Enjoy the day and the video!


  1. I love this. I guess I never thought about the football before. What a timely thing to share today. I thought it was going to be boring, but it was interesting. I will have to share this on FB later today.

    • They had a lot of other videos but I was having a hard time getting them to embed so this was the one that worked. There was one with the guy who makes the bladders and he was pretty cool–my kind of dude. If I can find it again and figure out how to send it I will send it to you.

  2. I will enjoy the day, only because it’s a day off from work.

    I will enjoy only the Super Bowl Commercials.

    I will not enjoy watching the game, not one bit!

    I am a loyal Niners fan, even though I live in NY.

    I might even hope the Pats win, just for spite.

    Nuff’ said.

  3. Thanks for posting that interesting information, Beth Ann! I didn’t know that either, and I’m an avid football fan.

    Even though my team is out of it, I’ll watch. I should hope the Giants win—since they beat the Packers in the play off game, but Brady is a Michigan alum—so I could pull for him, too.

    Decisions, decisions!

    • Ann—-you do have a tough decision to make! I am going to have to go for the Patriots but don’t have a lot invested in the game. Basically i am just happy to be home and able to lay around today and do nothing!!!! Yippee!!!

  4. Well shucks, I can’t get it to play, but I love Willson footballs, I had one growing up and loved playing football. My dad was a professional player back when they were “Leather heads” so he taught me how to play. Great exercise for a kid, and a great way to make sure I went to bed on time…its exasting!! Enjoy the game/commercials. 🙂

    • Wonder why it wouldn’t play for you??? Hmmmm….I need an IT guy!!! That is awesome that your dad was a professional player!!!! And what a great legacy to leave to you—the love of football!!! I am surely not very well educated in the rules but I love to watch and when our oldest was in school he played so I got hooked!!! You enjoy the game and commercials, too!

  5. Loved the video.. That is grass-roots America at it’s best. Thanks for the fb mention.GO PATS..another fitty cent for the comments for a cause.ChaChing.

  6. Helen Brown says:

    I had known about the Wilson footballs were made in Ada but have never seen the building they are in. Maybe I should look it up the next time I am in Ada. Give a cheer for Ada!

  7. Yippee–more Made in USA!

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