To Napa and Beyond!

I don’t know how we did it but we had 2 PERFECT days in a row!!!  I think God knew we needed it or something but what a fabulous time we have had in California!!!  On Sunday we met our beautiful niece, Rebekah, who is getting her masters in choreography and performance (I think those are the official terms) at Mills College in Oakland.    She is on her second semester of 4 and doing fabulously and it was incredible to be able to spend an entire day with her.  We met her in Napa and then headed up the valley to explore.  First stop was the Pioneer Cemetery which was incredible.  Chris and his eagle eyes spotted it—it was a challenge to get in and out of it as I suspect they do not really have a lot of folks who traipse around in it but it was so worth it.  Chris got some really great pictures and most of the ones in the slide show are his.

From there we wandered down and stopped at the Castello di Amorosa winery where they were having a big event so we could not take the guided tour but instead did the self guided tour and wine tasting.  It was a pretty incredible place complete with a chapel and torture chamber which unfortunately we were not able to tour.   I wanted some ideas for our basement.   The wine tasting was good and our wine dude, Pallo, was fairly good at the spiel but it was very busy when we were there and not a lot of personal attention.  But it was fun and well worth the trip there.

From there we traveled on for a bite of lunch at Farmstead and Long Meadow Ranch  which was fabulous!  All organic and fresh and yummy.   Food was fabulous and we enjoyed a short walk around checking things out.  Then it was on down the road for our favorite stop of the day!   We went to Peju Winery  (we had gotten a wonderful list of recommendations from one of Micah’s friends) and this was the absolute best place ever.  The grounds had wonderful sculptures and a koi pond and once inside we were greeted by the most personable and fabulous vintertainment ever.  Our wine guy, Alan Arnopole, is quite an accomplished man and totally entertained us not only with the fabulous wines but with his singing, rapping, guitar playing, etc.  He made the day for me!!!  Chris video taped him so one of these days I will post that video but suffice it to say—he made the experience.

Finally we headed to Napa to stroll around a bit –there were art displays in empty storefronts which were quite interesting and several fabulous art galleries and co-ops which we enjoyed.   I finally got to see first hand an example of yarn bombing—remember I had blogged about that a while back?  Very cool!!! Outside a yarn store, of course!!!  We ended the day with a fabulous dinner at Fish Story where I had the most delicious trout ever.  Yum.

The day was perfect.  We had so much fun with Beka and are so glad that she wanted to spend the day with us.  Our trip is winding down–no calls from the vet so I guess Buddy is doing okay while we are gone and tonight I get to sleep in my own bed for the first time since the first of September.  I can not wait. Two nights there, two nights back in Lima and then I will officially be back in our own home until I choose otherwise!  I am one happy girl.

Let me know what you think of the slideshow!!!   And tomorrow is the big reveal of how much $ I will be donating to KIVA and what my new “cause” is!  I am pretty darn excited about it, let me tell you, so come back!!!!

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  1. I am always fascinated by the enormity of the scope of the structures and the detail of the craftsmen of past centuries.. Amazing. Beautiful country and pictures.

  2. I haven’t been to Napa yet but I would love to go!

  3. What was your favorite area you visited? I loved the pictures from Reyes Point and would love to go to Napa for the wine. Are they close in area?

    • Cirrus, they are pretty close. We stayed in Petaluma north of SF (probably less than an hour and a half depending what route you take) and it was all just beautiful. We drove up the coast and stopped along the way and then visited Point Reyes the next day all day. The wine country is fabulous–winery after winery and they all have their specialties, of course. You could spend so much time there! We only visited 2 for tastings but the sky is the limit for sure. You should definitely go—it would be a great trip!!!

  4. Love the yarn bombing! So glad you had such a lovely time.

  5. Helen Brown says:

    I am glad you had a nice trip and got to spend time with Re. Glad also that you will be able to stay in your home for a while.

    • We had a great time with Beka!!! It was a great day all the way around!! She is such a great young lady!!!! And home is wonderful!!!! 🙂 When do you want to come out?? I will come get you!

  6. Hi Beth Ann,
    thank you so much for mentioning PEJU winery in such a kind way. I’m always pleased when we make someone happy. My husband and I started this winery 30 years ago and when it was “Just us” we knew what to do. Our mantra,
    “treat others as you want to be treated ” and we have passed this on to our very wonderful staff. Hope to see you soon again.

    • Herta,
      Thank you so much for commenting!!! We loved PEJU and will definitely be back!!! We joined the wine club, of course, and had some sent to our son in Florida also as one of his friends was the one who recommended your winery to us!!! We loved our experience there and after we left we decided that we were done with the wineries for the day because none could top it!!! Thanks so much! The wines were fabulous and the atmosphere was beyond fabulous. You definitely achieved your mantra!!!


  1. […] “decorating” outside spaces with colorful yarn.  I even saw some on a trip to Napa and posted a picture there.  What fun it is to see creative people use their craft to beautify spaces.   Last weekend Chris […]

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