Savor the Experience

Boy, do I love a great cup of coffee!  There is nothing like having a steaming cup of my favorite brew placed in front of me especially on a chilly day.   My current favorite at my local hangout is a venti mocha, 2 percent, with raspberry and whipped cream.  While it probably isn’t the most healthy choice I do relish that first taste!   Funny that this has become my obsession in my “later” years when in my younger days I could hardly even stand the smell of coffee.  Guess I have grown up or something.

The whole coffee experience is just that –an experience.  Coffee houses have sprung up all over the place.  You can hardly go a mile without seeing some sort of national chain or local coffee shop in my area.  What I have experienced is that it is not just about that cup of coffee no matter how wonderful it is—it is about all that surrounds that cup of coffee.  If you choose to go into the establishment rather than through the drive thru you enter into a world of cozy couches, music that feeds your soul and artwork that is pleasing to the eye.  It is here that you can choose to either be alone or join friends.

What would it be like if I embraced God with the same enthusiasm that I embrace that cup of special mocha curled up in my favorite corner couch?   What if each day I woke up and actually looked forward to spending time with my best friend who knows all and is always there for me?  Would my day be different?  Would there be more positive things happening?  Or would I just notice them more?   The experience of living with God daily is something that I crave.   How do I get there???   I think I need to seek it out and personally make the time to enjoy the experience.  I need to start the day opening my eyes to the beauties of the day and the experiences that God has in store for me and those around me.

So why don’t you join me—have a cup of your favorite “joe” and take time to appreciate the experience of being one of God’s children.   Nestle in and curl up with God’s presence.  Let Him fill your every sense and envelop you in love.  You won’t be disappointed.

I most likely posted this before but was in a reflective mood this Sunday morning and thought I would give it another post.  Let me know what you think!



  1. If they only knew back in the fifties when Greenwich Village had “coffee houses” that they were going to go viral, the beatniks could have made a fortune..Maybe that is what’s needed at the coffee shops today.. poetry(I’m available, for a stipend) and live music.
    And, did you say ‘Nestle” up with God, I think they make my favorite instant coffee..I am low-brow after all. Either way, God Bless you and yours, on this Sunday morn.

  2. I think you are “right on”. If He made us for fellowship—we must be a disappointment sometimes.

  3. Beautiful post, Beth Ann. This is something I truly need to practice each and every day. Thanks for sharing. ♥

    • You are so welcome,Diane. Wrote it a long time ago but I am thinking about starting back up on this book idea of mine –just little short chapters like this….hmmmmmmm. The wheels are turning.

  4. Wonderful post! I really enjoy a white chocolate mocha with just one pump of raspberry, but I can’t have it very often…even when I sub soy for the milk!

    • Oh yum–that sounds delightful,Mary! I know I make my drinks “Skinny” now but still…the calories are not really needed. 😦 Thanks for stopping by and commenting today! Happy Sunday!

  5. With God and coffee to start each day…..I’d be unstoppable. But it’s true..sadly I reach for one more often than the other. I’ve tried to start my days off with a devotional and that first delicious cup, but w/ kids to get up and at ’em it’s challenging to say the least. Perhaps I should tape a few favourite verses by the coffee pot so that I start each day with my mind focused on the right things.
    great post Beth Ann! even if it is the 2nd time around. certain we will all need it another 2-3 times, at least.

    • It is hard to make that times sometimes, isn’t it, when the kids are around. I have no excuse—I don’t have the kids around anymore and I still do not always do it!!! But there is always tomorrow to try again, right?? Thanks for the sweet comments—nice to know that you enjoyed it!!!

  6. Helen Brown says:

    I am not a morning person but it helps me to say as I awake, “This is the day the Lord has made, Let me rejoice and be glad for it”. A little different than in the Bible but still the same meaning. It does help me be thankful for the day.

  7. Reminders are always good, with or without a cup of coffee. 🙂

    Hope Buddy is still improving.

    • Yep! You are right,Jan!!! Buddy is still doing okay—he seems happier and Miss Hissy Holly is finally warming up to him again. He is a fighter and I am counting on him being the tough kitty he is and beating this thing!!! Thanks for asking!

  8. I love your post. I have just recently started taking the time each morning to spend time with the Lord. Now all I need to do is grab that cup of cocoa and enjoy basking in His presence. I did this years ago and let life get in the way. I am so glad that the Lord had patience with me. There is nothing like starting my day with Him.

    • Sherree–Thank you for the sweet comment and you are so right—I let life get in the way way too often and need to really recenter and refocus and then acknowledge all that HE has done for me. I sure am glad we have a patient God, too!

  9. Beth Ann, I’m with you on that. I love me a cup of coffee in the am! For me, there’s nothing better than a cup of coffee, and a quiet am to listen to The Lord.

  10. This is a lovely, encouraging post, Beth Ann. Coffee has grown up, too, hasn’t it?

  11. Christine Grote says:

    You’re right. coffee is an experience. I grieved when I had to give it up several years ago because of stomach problems. Tea just isn’t quite the same.

    I get your message though. Good point.

  12. Lovely!

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