Buddy Update!

My sweet Buddy is doing better!!!   I took him  to see Dr. Melissa this afternoon and his breathing is roughly 70% better than it was a week ago!!!   He still has extra fluid but you can definitely see where it is so much clearer on the xrays than it was a week ago.  She was happy and I am happy!!! We still will continue with the Rutin 3 times a day and they are going to keep him while I go back to Iowa to get the other car but I am feeling so much better about things.   Thanks to all of you out there who have said a prayer or left a sweet comment—I am so blessed!



  1. Yea! We are keeping you in our purrayers!
    ~xo~ Maggie P., Grizelda & Chloe

  2. I’m sooooo glad to hear that Buddy is doing better. Have a nice weekend!!!

  3. Good Noos! Hang in there, Buddy. Lots of kitties are purrrrring for you.

  4. I’m so glad to hear this! Yay, Buddy!

  5. So pleased to hear about Buddy. How is Holly’s attitude? any more hissy fits..

    • Thanks, Jake!!! Holly and Buddy have reached a detente of sorts—he ignores her and she ignores him. No hissing for several days but no licking and loving like normal either. And since I have to board him for a week I am sure it will resume when I bring him back. I hope once we get back to Iowa in Feb they will sort it all out.

  6. Way to go Buddy! Yippie!

  7. Becky Miracle says:

    WOO HOO for Buddy!!!! So glad he is doing better and that you have less worry for him. It’s all that lov’in you are giving him!

  8. If alex was talking to me, and for obvious reasons, he is not (he is beyond angry with us) he would ask me to tell buddy.. woo hoo, and you go pal


    • Hopefully Alex will get over being mad sooner rather than later…..I know Buddy is not going to be happy to be kenneled later this week but I have to make sure he gets his medicine and they will keep an eye on him there for me. Miss Hissy will stay home so I anticipate that our truce will end once Buddy gets back home again….

  9. Christine Grote says:

    Great news! Here’s hoping Buddy will continue to make a full recovery and be back home with all of you soon.

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