Buddy Update!

My sweet Buddy is doing better!!!   I took him  to see Dr. Melissa this afternoon and his breathing is roughly 70% better than it was a week ago!!!   He still has extra fluid but you can definitely see where it is so much clearer on the xrays than it was a week ago.  She was happy and I am happy!!! We still will continue with the Rutin 3 times a day and they are going to keep him while I go back to Iowa to get the other car but I am feeling so much better about things.   Thanks to all of you out … [Read more...]

Beach Life, Babysitting, Cats and Snuggling

Hilary at Feeling Beachie has such a great blog hop every week. She offers up 4 statements for us to fill in the blanks! Some weeks it is hard to come up with answers and I always try to do mine without looking at what anyone else writes so I won't be "influenced".  Here we go---if you want to join in hop over to her blog by clicking on the link highlighted here and join in the fun.  She explains how to do it once you get there!   It is a great way to meet new friends. This week’s … [Read more...]