Final Words?

Apparently Facebook has a new app—it is the “If I Die” app. I stumbled upon an article on Huffington Post detailing the ins and outs of this new app.  It is intriguing to think about it but it gives the user an opportunity to have messages, even videos, posted upon their death to Facebook.  The user selects 3 “trustees” who they would allow to be the ones to activate the app upon their death.

The creator of the app–Willook, an Israeli startup, says that they can not see the messages or videos themselves until they are made live upon the activation of one of the trustees upon the user’s death.

The thought is that the user can leave one last (or several if they so choose) message to their family and friends on Facebook.  Some may leave a love message, others may tell a deep secret that they have held and still others may use the opportunity to tell someone off that they could not do in life.

It is intriguing to me.  And honestly kind of creepy.  Kind of like the number of Facebook friends that I have that have died yet still have pages that are active.  I don’t think I will take advantage of this app but it does make me think.  What about you?  Would you use it and if so ….what would your last message be?  I would love to hear.


  1. This is one of those things that makes me think “huh.” I have no clue if I would use it…might be too morbid for me.

    • I know what you mean! I think it might be a little morbid too but I can understand why people would want to use it, I guess. Especially if you were the type of person that could not tell folks in real life how you really felt.

  2. this is something to ponder… I don’t think I would use it – it does seem morbid, but interesting at the same time…i really don’t know

    • I know–it is kind one of those things that makes you put your finger up next to your mouth and say ‘hmmmmmmm”. BTW, Buddy seems much perkier this morning so I am hoping…….

  3. I’m with you in thinking it’s just creepy! I can think of lots of better ways to leave last words for the people I love the best.

  4. I don’t think I would use something like that. I had heard about it and really, dismissed it in the same instance. It’s just weird. It’s strange enough that people still post on the walls of people who have passed… I have some friends on my list that are no longer with us and while I won’t post to them I cannot bring myself to delete them either!!!!

  5. Personally, I think it’s gross. Are we that full of ourselves? And what if you didn’t get a chance to edit any hateful words that anger had brought about? Sorry, not for me..
    Ps. And that is what memories are for anyway.Computers are doing too much ‘thinking’ for us, as it is.

    • I think I am in agreement, Jake. I have a feeling it would end up being not helpful but more hurtful to folks . I am afraid it is sometimes human nature to want to lash out and say hurtful things and it would be easy to do this if you knew that you were not going to be there to have to deal with the aftermath. I think it is not for me! And your poems will live on and they are what is really on your heart, right?

  6. Helen Brown says:

    I am of the opinion you should say the good and loving things to the person while they are alive and the nasty and hurting things not said at all.

  7. I don’t think I would use it. Glad to hear Buddy is doing well!

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