How to Get a Lot of Blog Comments

One thing I have figured out over the past 5 days is how to have a lot of viewers and comments on a blog.  Have a sick kitty.  I would not recommend this way to “stardom” and “fame” but I have had so many heart felt comments in the past few days because of my sick Buddy.  Thank you to all.  I mean it.  From the bottom of my heart.

Just a quick update—took Buddy to see Dr. Tracy at Metz Petz Veterinary Clinic this morning and his breathing is still rapid.  His heart sounds good and he is eating and drinking and doing all the normal things so that is a good sign but we are not sure if the Rutin that we are giving him will help or not.  Go back for xrays on Friday and will know more then so until then I hover and watch and try to keep Hissy Holly away from him.  Geez.  As if I needed anything else stressful going on.

What I have learned is that Metz Petz is awesome.  A huge thank you to Dr. Tracy, Dr. Melissa and Dr. Nathan for their care and concern for Buddy. I could not have found a better place to take him.  I know they will be honest with me and do right by Buddy and that is all that I can ask for at this point.

My world has gotten pretty small since Thursday—vets and home and that is about it.  We are winding down the house cleaning and straightening out here and this weekend made huge headway on getting ready to put the house here up for sale.  It looks like an orange dot sale here because Chris and I put stickers on the items that we are going to be taking with us back to Iowa someday.  The auctioneers will hopefully come this week and give us an idea of what we have and what we can expect from the May sale.  My Lima “vacation” is nearing an end.   I must admit I am having some emotions with that.  I have gotten used to being closer to family….it will be difficult to leave that behind.

I am hoping that my next post won’t be so Buddy centered!   🙂   I need to find something non catty to blog about now, don’t I?  But if you have followed me for any length of time you know that I blog about what is on my heart so there you have it!

If you want to see something that will make you say “ahhhh”, check out this video that Christine of Random Thoughts of Midlife posted the other day.  

Teapot Tuesday returns tomorrow—stay tuned.  And thanks for the love and purrs!



  1. Love that shot of buddy… I know what you are going through.. it is hard to talk / blog about other things when your mind is on a cat… they really know how to capture our hearts!

  2. Becky Miracle says:

    So glad to know Buddy is with you where he is SO loved and that he is doing ok at this point….at least comfortable. I am sure, just as we feel better at home, so does Buddy.

    • I think you are right—comfortable is good. He seems happy and lovey like usual and that is all I can hope for right now. Just gotta keep an eye on him. Thanks for the kind thoughts!

  3. He is absolutely beautiful. I have a weak spot for kitties that color and will have one, one of these days. I think, it is totally understandable that you blog about Buddy and what he’s going through. It is the most constant thing on your mind right now. Thinking of you and him…

    • I know—I have always loved “tigers” and when we moved to Iowa the hubby agreed we needed kitties again so I searched till I found these two. We had tons of tiger kitties when I grew up and I love them. Thanks for the sweet words and tolerating my cat rants! 🙂

  4. Good luck with the next round of xrays on Friday. I’ll keep praying for him.

  5. okay…. soooooooo maybe we should NOT comment about Buddy?????

  6. Hope Friday brings some good news of Buddy. That’s a terrific pic of him.

  7. Thanks for the shoutout, Beth Ann. Buddy is so beautiful. I hope the move goes smoothly for him.

    Wow, you have been through quite a journey. it will be good for everybody to get back home again.

    • Christine—thanks so much for your sweet thoughts. I know—when I was telling the vet yesterday about our “life” she was said that we had been through a lot. In retrospect–yes, we have. But we have been blessed to be able to be a part of this family and try to do as much as we can. We had a very unique year and I am praying hard that this thing with Buddy can be turned around. And I LOVED the otters. I mean really—how much cuter can you get?

  8. Helen Brown says:

    A movie on TV last night kept showing an up-close picture of a yellow tiger cat and I kept thinking about Buddy. Hope all goes well Friday.

  9. Just checking back for more news on Buddy. Enjoying your blog and learning more about you all.

  10. I know that sad news or bad news posts always receive more comments than upbeat good news or funny posts do. Guess people just feel more empathy and emotions are triggered on the bad or sad posts more.

  11. Keep strong. I love my kitties too. I have a kitty that looks very similar to Buddy. We had an issue and had to take him to the emergency clinic. He was in the oxygen chamber for 18 hours. Turns out he has asthma. But he is still a shithead when he wants to be.

    • Thanks so much Tere!!! I laughed at your last sentence!!! I am hoping that the Rutin is working–will know more tomorrow after xrays. It has kind of thrown me for a loop to have a sick kitty along with everything else that is going on in life right now!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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